You will never walk alone

One of the challenges of life is the burden it puts on us to be busy. We get so busy and caught up in the rat race that we are often isolated or at least we feel isolated. This isolation is what breeds perversion and distorted perspectives of whom and what we really are. God in His omniscience created things and put the seed of everything in itself. That is, He made everything reproduce after its own kind.

Man, the crown of creation, is no exception. God never created us to function or live in isolation. He assured us constantly of His presence in His promise “I will never leave you, neither will I forsake you”. However, he expects us to relate with Him as well as with our fellow men. One of the secrets to lasting joy and happiness is making every relationship count. Whether at home, in church, in business, at the office, everyone we meet or have the opportunity to relate with, counts. We ought to treat them as an extension of God on the earth. After all, each person was created in His image and after His likeness.  Apostle John helped us by telling us not to claim we love God whom we cannot see if we do not love our neighbor who we can see. Many have argued the definition of who the neighbor is in that context. My submission is that a neighbor is anyone in your surrounding either physical, spiritual or mental at a given time. The way we treat our neighbor is a reflection of how much love we have for God or better put, how much of God’s love we have given expression. Our natural tendency is to love people who can love us in return. However, Gods nature in us requires that we love people not because of what we can get but because we have more than enough to give. If we love people we would treat them right. If we love people we would avoid using words that would leave them bruised emotionally. Apostle John also said that we should not just love in words but in deed and in truth. “In deed and in truth” means ‘in actions from a sincere heart’. It means that if our actions of love are from an insincere heart, then we have gotten it twisted. Love is essentially a heart thing. It is the heart that must generate the action. Apostle Paul said we can do a lot of things without doing them in love. We can give, we can pray and even fast, we can prophesy, we can offer our bodies to be burnt and not do them in love. However, we can’t claim to love sincerely and not do these things. How then do we know that we are tilting on the scale? Our hearts are our umpire. Our hearts will always notify us of the reasons and motives behind our actions. The main issue here is the motive behind our actions. It is only our hearts that can guide us. Little wonder that the writer of proverbs said we should guard our hearts with all diligence because that is where we set the boundaries of our lives.

When I write you will never walk alone, I mean that you will never run out of whom to show love to on the earth. As long as God is not tired of showing you love, you cannot claim to be tired. Every day and in every way, God brings people into our lives to test our love walk. Love is expressed by giving. Giving is not limited to money. We can give time, opportunity, talent, relationship, influence, encouragement, listening ears and so on. However, we must give to show love.

As you go about your daily activities, ensure you show love to someone and be open to receive love.  

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