When life happens…

Have you ever thought about how and why our definition of life changes as we grow older? From childhood to teenage years to adolescence and young adults, our definitions keep changing. However, one thing that stays with us throughout this evolution process is that thing we were actually born to do. I mean our core – that thing we have tried to separate ourselves from but it has refused to leave us.

In spite of your present definition or interpretation of life, there is something deep down inside you that have stayed with you. A friend once said that life is that thing that happened while you are busy making plans. You might have been making plans around your core and then life happened. Remember that what is inside you supersede what is happening outside- your core is still your core. What I have observed over the years is that successful people are those who stuck to their core despite the happenings of life.

As little children and even to our teenage years, we had dreams that we believed in so strongly. However it became a battle to keep those dreams alive as we moved into adulthood because of the realities that life presents to us. It is our responsibility to never allow life happen to our dreams. Jesus told Peter how the enemy wanted to sift him. Surprisingly, he never prayed for Peter not to fail neither did he pray that the enemy would not do what he wants to do. Rather he prayed that his faith will not fail. This suggests that the priority of Jesus was on the faith of Peter. He knew that if the faith of Peter did not fail then the person of Peter cannot fail.

If we refuse to allow life happen to our dreams then we can always bounce back even when life happens to us. God never promised us a smooth journey; He only guaranteed a safe landing. How then do we keep life from happening to our dreams?

  1. Keep the ideals of the dreams before you using every available means and media
  2. Surround yourself intentionally with people who look like your dreams
  3. Remind yourself that your path is unique even if the dreams appear similar
  4. Fortify yourself spiritually in prayers
  5. Keep on moving

You will succeed!

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