what to do when you just don’t fit

When a baby is born into this world, one very common thing I have observed over the years is that people around especially family and friends are trying to decipher who he or she looks like, even from day one. They try to tell from the foreknowledge of his or her parents who the child looks like. They start by analyzing the child’s facial expressions and immediately start permutations about who the child looks like or will eventually look like. They even analyze his demeanor, crying, response to hunger and a lot more. My question to a lot of people when we had our daughter was “Isn’t it too early to start fitting the child into a mold?” The same way people want to fit the new baby into a mold is that same way the world expects the grown baby to fit into a mold all of his or her life. People have pre-conceived notions, images, molds, casts they want you to fit in.8

As our daughter grew we observed keenly and noticed that she was evolving into an entirely different person from the little girl at birth. Then, my wife and I came up with a saying “she looks like herself”. This is the attitude with which we relate with her. In the same way, do not allow people fit you into a mold especially if you notice you keep popping out. You were born original and not a look-alike. In whatever you are doing, be yourself; whether in ministry, business, school, career or life. Life does not reward duplicates because God doesn’t make duplicates. You will only be fulfilled and experience real peace when you follow the true intent of your heart by living original.

Although my daughter has my DNA, her expression of the DNA is totally different, and as a parent, God expects me to respect his decision in making her with such expression. I don’t respect the decision if I (or persons I allow) constantly use words or actions to fit her into a mold. As a result, I always tell people “she is not what you think, because what you think has been tainted by your experience of life”. You must constantly say this to yourself so you won’t be caged for life.

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