What is that in your hands?

Often times in life, we feel alone, lonely and helpless. At such moments, we seek something external to bring into our lives what we earnestly desire. We feel that the pressure we are under is so much that we need help from outside. Irrespective of your age, race, status, gender etc, you will always get to such points like Moses did where you feel that what you need in order to get out of the dilemma you are facing lies in something more than you. In fact, such moments come to you after you have experienced a level of the supernatural act of God. Elijah also got to this point. After he dealt with the prophets of Baal and called down fire, Jezebel was on his trail.

Whenever we get to such points in life, we are swift to want to put everybody around us under pressure including God. We forget that He is the Alpha and Omega who sees the end from the beginning. At such points, we should remember that nothing baffles God. He has got every situation figured out. He is not just trying to think up a solution, he has the solution even before the problem arose.

At such moments, I simply asked him to show me His perspective on the matter at hand and from experience; I always find out that the solution is within my reach. All He does for me is to ask me ‘What is that in your hands? At other times, He opens my eyes to see what is around me like he did for Hagar when Ishmael was crying for water in the desert.

Concerning that situation you are currently facing, I will like to ask you like God does ‘What is that in your hands?’ For instance, don’t ask God for more money if you can’t keep tab on how you used the one he blessed you with. What is in your hands is the ability to budget and cut down your expenses. For some situations, your ability to pray is all that you have in your hands. Why not use it?

God will never leave you bare. There is always something in your hands that you can use to get out of any quagmire you are in. God is too faithful to put what you need outside your reach. Whatever you need is within your reach. Reaching it depends on you.

For Moses, it was the rod he always had.

For Hagar, it was the well of water within reach.

For Esther, it was her ability to pray.

For David, it was his heart for worship.

For Jacob, it was his tenacity; ability to hold on long enough.

For Paul, it was his ability to write persuasively

For Peter, it was his bold and audacious style of speaking

For John, it was his ability to be quiet and sit still.

With all these, let me ask you again ‘What is that in your hands?’

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