What guys dislike about ladies

Three weeks ago, I wrote about what ladies dislike about guys and from our feedback section, a couple of guys requested ‎for an article on what guys dislike about ladies. This article is in response to the numerous requests:

What is it that irritates men the most? I stopped for a moment to think about it after endless talks with my male friends from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Surprisingly, they all seem to have pretty much the same list of things they dislike. I am talking about things that irritate us with solutions and ideas for improvements.

  1. Spare time?! I thought it’s “me time”

I must admit it’s a natural desire to be as close as possible to our loved ones. We want them to be there for us to share our good and bad times – we want them to be there for us constantly without interruptions. But when a woman thinks that all the spare time her man has should be devoted only to her- that’s when the irritation begins. Ladies, understand that your man loves you so much and when he wants to spend some time doing his own thing or devote it to a hobby, it doesn’t mean it should be taken as an offence. Who are we if we don’t have our interests, hobbies and things to wonder about? For example, I like my alone-time with books ready to be opened for my own excitement; at that time nothing else exist in the world. My point here is that allowing us to enjoy our spare times develops us. This gives us more topics to discuss and more reasons to admire each other. Once in a while we need our space to breathe. And it’s completely ok. He wants to go out and catch up with his mates? So what? Let him. No need to tag along. Every one of us needs a close net of connections. Let him be on his own and on his own terms and he will be grateful. Don’t worry, he will be thankful for letting him be himself.

  1. Talking too much

Lousy, endless giggles, over-excitement and never ending talkativeness turn off most guys. There is no need to state the obvious and be loud about things that don’t matter. In fact, being loud and talking too much about meaningless things is very annoying to everyone in general. Why talk much? Why can’t we speak only when it’s meaningful?

  1. Communication maniac

It boils my nerves whenever she calls every 10 minutes or sends me meaningless messages! Is there any polite way to say that enough is enough? Seriously ladies, is it necessary to call him this much all the time? Bugging him and checking every tiny little detail during your day? Really, think twice before getting upset especially if he is in the middle of something really important and doesn’t have time to pick up the phone or text you back. Men do not like that much attention when it’s over the top. To them, it lingers at the borderline of obsessive, demanding and jealous. You don’t need to keep him updated about every move and every little ‎detail, just as you don’t need to know what he is doing, where he is and what he is thinking about every minute of the day. Give him some space. Give him some time to miss you.

  1. Spying

A 27 year old guy said “I get really upset whenever I see her snooping through my personal stuff, Facebook or phone. Is it really necessary?” Who gave you the license to spy and always search for something incriminating? What’s up with this obsession? Understand that such a behavior will‎ make him become more private and reserved – the end result will be that he will trust you less. Know that he is with you and he loves you. This is what counts. Every man needs his space. Please remember and respect that.

  1. Make- up overdo ‎vs. Natural

Men don’t particularly like long nails, and excessive make-up! They love natural looking ladies. The natural look is always more attractive to men and it tells them more about you than anything else. Even though you might think they all like women who wear revealing clothes – believe me, they prefer stylish and modest ones.

  1.  Fashionably late

Please stop being late if you are always late! There is no beginning to explain how distasteful it is not to respect other people’s time and make them wait for you always. In fact, it tells a lot about your personality. If you don’t keep to time, it’s obvious that you don’t take some important matters serious in your life. It doesn’t speak well about your commitment towards developing your relationship. There may be different reasons why you are late but when your time management and lack of self – discipline makes you late all the time, you need a change. Remember that if you are late for your first date, it can be your last with the person.


To be continued.

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