what guys dislike about ladies part 2

Cont’d from last week

When She keeps talking to her Ex

This is the epitome of hated things. If a girl is still in contact with her Ex, it is not going to be taken lightly. Ladies, make sure you cut off all past relationships before committing to the next one so you won’t end up hurting him. It is the most hurtful feeling any girl could give a guy- when she keeps talking to her Ex even as friends. Please don’t do it.

Too Many Complaints

Your guy is not perfect and he might be trying to improve himself. There is no need throwing tantrums every time you spot a mistake in him. Remember, when you fell in love with him, you fell in love with his imperfections too. Just because he forgets to call you every morning doesn’t mean you should always complain about it and as a result, ruin your mood and his. Also, because he forgets to make the bed every morning doesn’t mean you should nag and ruin intimate moments.

Too Jealous

While it is natural for ladies to be jealous for their men, it could also get quite annoying if it is for all the wrong reasons. Your boyfriend went to hang out with his buddies, one of his buddies had his girlfriend with him, and she struck up a simple conversation with your boyfriend- that Is perfectly normal and you should not be jealous of that fact. This goes both ways; trust each other enough to make each other feel comfortable in your own ways. That you saw him talking with another lady and they are both having a good conversation doesn’t mean he is trying to woo her. The fact that he is your man doesn’t mean ‎he doesn’t have other female friends that he can talk to except they are too close for comfort. Build a sense of trust with him and be confident about your man.

Too Much Of a Drama Queen

It is completely normal for ladies to randomly feel sad sometimes, but not all the time. If it is a habit of yours to find drama in everything and to cry every chance you get then you need to look into those matters and fix them because few guys will be that patient. Guys work their best, good guys at least, to make sure their ladies are happy. However, every subject of dissatisfaction mustn’t be a battlefield for who is right or wrong. He cancelled dinner with you because something important came up at work. Yet you don’t see reasons with him and you refuse to pick up his calls for days. That’s drama, drama, drama written all over you. We don’t like drama. Nah!

Control Freak

A friend of mine came to my house some years back complaining bitterly about his lady. He stays on the mainland in his own house built by him while she lives in Lekki on the Island. She told him the only way she can go ahead with the marriage plan is that he must move to Lekki and rent a house there. My friend was astonished at her new condition and how serious she was taking the matter. Well he refused and broke up the relationship and currently married to another lady‎. Another scenario was a story I read on a blog some months back. The lady insisted that her man must get married in a Catholic Church and also must start attending Catholic Church before she would go ahead with the marriage. ‘Like seriously, men don’t have a say now?!’. The young man has been going to a redeemed church all his life and she suddenly wants to change his denomination overnight. Matters like this turn men off completely and when a lady tries to be controlling without allowing logical discussions, the relationship can come to an end. Don’t try to enforce your decision on him. You are not a lawmaker.


This is one of the major reasons from my findings why relationships break up‎ – when you turn your man to your ATM. Not been able to handle some personal monetary concerns can be a major turn off. You want to make your hair, you ask him for the money. Your Internet subscription expires and you have the money to pay for it. But you wait for him to make the payment for you. I’m not saying it is not ok to do it neither am I saying guys can’t do that for their ladies. However if it becomes a frequent occurrence then you have become an over-dependent lady.

Let’s make the world a better place by promoting honesty and trust in our relationship. At the end of the day, what makes the world beautiful is love. ‎We must understand that selfishness and jealousy would lead our relationships into endless argument and too much vetting. Friendship and understanding of each other is critical for a successful relationship.

Enjoy your relationship!



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