What are you used to?

“Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve” is a paraphrased version of the saying widely acclaimed to the popular Mohammed Ali of blessed memory. However, for the mind to conceive anything, either positive or negative, it has to be exposed to it. The main channels of exposure for the mind, also known as the gateways into the mind, are the eyes, the ears and the mouth. Whatever we are exposed to through any or all of the channels is what the mind will eventually conceive and ultimately achieve. Whatever God, even in His omnipotence, wants to get across to you has to be conceived by your mind. This is because nothing materializes in your life without going through the gateway of the mind. In the same vein, the enemy/devil cannot bring anything into your life that your mind has not conceived. God helps our minds conceive by injecting thoughts into our space. Such thoughts create new possibilities which eventually become the new realities of our lives.

God started the process with Abraham when he brought him out of his tent to show him the stars of heaven and the sand by the seashore after He had promised him that his descendants will be innumerable. That visible picture Abram could see became a boost for Abram’s faith in God. This made God’s promise become Abram’s new normal. However, for exposure to eventually allow the mind to fully conceive what has been said, it must be prolonged. The conception of the mind is normally after a prolonged exposure to the desired results – it is never hit and run. It reminds me of the experience Jacob had in the house of Laban in Genesis 30:38-39. The question remains “what are you exposing your mind to for prolonged periods?”  Whatever it is, your mind will eventually conceive and achieve. There are two kinds of exposure

  1. Unintentional or unconscious
  2. Intentional or conscious

Unintentional exposure is that kind of exposure you give your mind without putting in any effort. It is easier but subtly destructive. It’s like weed that grows without effort but competes for nutrients with the needed plants. This kind of exposure is the natural course of life.

Intentional exposure occurs when you consciously and deliberately expose your mind to what you want to have in your reality. It is difficult but far more rewarding. It includes but not limited to scheduling lunch with a mentor, travelling to new places, relating with wealthy individuals and pasting pictures of a new car or home in conspicuous places.

In conclusion, both kinds of exposure give you a new normal and the truth is that life is designed to always adjust itself to a new normal. Why do you think you begin to see clearly after a few seconds in the dark? Whatever becomes your normal is what you will eventually attract into your life. The task at hand is to consciously work on what you call normal.


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