Things ladies dislike about guys


We have read previously about what women find attractive about men. Well I felt it’s time we know what the ladies dislike about men. If you get on her nerves and you are not sure why then you should become familiar with the things ladies dislike about guys. Knowing what makes her tick and what ticks her off will help you avoid conflict in your relationship. Relationships have their exciting moments like the first date but over time certain activities seem less “cute”‎ to women. Since men and women communicate and process information in different ways, this is often a source of contention.

imagesVSBSGTJ2I wouldn’t be talking about my general idea because I have taken out time to ask a few ladies and this is what they have to say:

  1. Poor Hygiene: one very bad turn-off for the ladies. Please guys if you would have to go out with her not just for the first date but for all dates, make it a life time commitment to look clean and fashion trendy. Drowning yourself in cologne to mask bad body odor never works. Shower daily and cut your hair. Also, brush your teeth frequently. You wouldn’t like to talk to her without passing that bad breath coming from your mouth. Being intimate with someone who smells is never pleasant either.
  2. Insecurity: ‎No one likes dating a clingy, insecure guy. Calling constantly to find out where she’s at. Asking dozens of nosy questions and giving ultimatums. Jealousy is also a huge turn off. It is also important to understand that ladies need some space. She needs the time to think about her day and how things went during your outing together. The time to think about you and allowing her miss you a little bit would be healthy for your relationship. I’m not saying you should develop a formula on when to be available and when not to be available. All I’m saying is let every communication be done with moderation. I believe it would help both parties decide on what they truly want for each other.‎ Ladies prefer men who display quite confidence but avoid sounding arrogant. She doesn’t want a list of all your accomplishments.
  3. Lying: Ladies hate being lied untitled3to and many ladies see lying as a valid reason to cease a relationship. Lying about your job, taking her to your friend’s house and claiming the house belongs to you. Lying that you live in lekki for my Nigerian folks. All kinds of lies are a big no-no. Total honesty in every relationship is crucial. It doesn’t hurt to tell her you are an intern at the ‎company where you work. Let her take you for you and decide if she wants to journey with you.
  4. Cheating: This is one of the major reasons relationships part ways. Well I must admit Nigerian ladies are very beautiful and I know some guys may find it hard to stick to one lady. But the truth is that cheating is a sign of dissatisfaction. We must understand we can’t have it all. Women are not perfect and we can’t find all the qualities we truly desire. So men please go out with a lady with true qualities and character and not for beauty because beauty fades away. Are you with funmi today and then with Sandra tomorrow? Make a choice to be a man who is satisfied with his lady and make the right choice. ‎Cheating is not healthy and once you have started, it can become an addiction even after marriage.


To be continued next week


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