Things ladies dislike about guys part 2.

Last week, we started the topic ‘things ladies dislike about guys’. This week, let’s go deeper to give you a clear guide on how to help avoid this path.

imagesVSBSGTJ2Over-dominance: ‎it is absolutely noble to want to protect your woman and make her feel safe. It is pretty much every man’s duty. However, your lady is definitely not going to like it if you turn from a protector to a dictator. Don’t try to control specific aspects of her life. You might actually end up suffocating her. Don’t try to determine what she has to eat when on a date with her. Allow her to look at the menu to make her preferred order. Stop trying to enforce your decision on her. Telling her what clothes to wear, who to see and who not to see. Dude, you are not the owner of her cell phone, stop trying to find out who she is calling and avoid going through her phone- that’s a major turn off. You would only build up misconceptions in your mind concerning her. Spying, sneaking to find out if your partner is cheating on you is a sign of a low self-esteem. Be confident about yourself and try to build trust with your lady. Understand that you have made a right choice. Be positively minded about your partner and your relationship.

Predictable vs. Spontaneous: you don’t need a rocket scientist or a love guru to tell you which category of men most women prefer. Let’s face it – things do get boring after a while. Ladies dislike men who have a usual routine of doing things – always taking her to the same restaurant close to your office because it is convenient. Doing the “same old, same old” routine can very boring. I wish I had a smiley to describe it. Lol. Guys mark my words – do not be predictable in your relationship. Be creative and innovative in your relationship. Do something out of the blues and make sure you tell her that she is the only reason you went to the extent of doing something new. Don’t forget to put in the extra effort to make it special. You can make a surprise trip to her office with take-away packs for lunch. Being spontaneous brings your relationship to life and would also revitalize the sparkles of love you have for each other.

Arguments: this is something you want to avoid at all costs. All of us know who wins anyhow. Don’t turn every conversation or discussion into an argument. Be patient and understanding. As a man, your talk should be seasoned with prudence and patient. If she is angry with you, allow her to express her feelings while she talks and communicates her hurts. Allowing her to express herself shows your maturity and also the man that listens to her when she’s hurt. My dad would always say real men are built by how well they learn and how maturely they talk. I totally agree with him and this brings me to my next point:untitled4

Listen, Listen, Listen- woes befall you if you let your mind wander away during a conversation and miss out on what she was saying. We men are often accused of having short attention spans and not paying heed when a woman speaks. A classic case in point is the verbal grocery shopping list. Make it a habit, forcefully if need be, to listen to every bit of her “incessant yap” – at least pretend, for peace sake.

In conclusion, women are special beings and should be treated rightly. I believe ladies require special attention and the sincerest of hearts. To avoid them laying their hates on you, be yourself, be attentive, understanding and observant. There are no major rules because every woman has her own uniqueness. Being a gentleman never hurt, unless you want to take angry birds a little too literally. Be happy and satisfied with your lady. Guys, let us enjoy our relationship and be grateful.

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