The Rains Are Here


After a few days of waiting upon the Lord in a fast as directed by my spiritual leader, I heard a voice within me that said “the rains are here”. As I pondered on what the voice meant, I remembered that the purpose of my fast was to ask God for the rains of His Spirit. Thereafter, the case of Elijah and Ahab came to my mind where Elijah told Ahab that he should run in such a way that the rains would not stop him. Before making that declaration to Ahab, he had sent his servant seven times to go check if the clouds were gathered. The servant kept coming back with a ‘NO’ until the seventh time when he said ‘I see a cloud in the form of a man’s hand”. Though very small, Elijah knew – this is it! Coincidentally for me, that was my seventh time of protracted prayer during the 3-day solemn assembly. I became excited and I said loudly ‘the rains are here!’ The uniqueness of this kind of rain is that it is useful both for planting and harvesting at the same time. Rains are powerful as they make extremely dry land produce green vegetation in just a few weeks. Having lived in the northern part of Nigeria for a few years, I understand what the rains can do. When the rains come, the land considered hard and non-arable will produce that which it was meant to produce. The impossible becomes a reality. Every farmer rejoices when the rains come because harvest becomes a possibility. The season of the rains is that of high expectations because efforts are about to be rewarded and speed is about to be granted. However, the time of the rains is a time to do more work to preserve the harvest. Weeding and paying close attention to the crops becomes an everyday affair. It’s a time to be at rest but not necessarily to rest.

The question is, how do all these things apply to me? I’m glad you asked.imagesDJJVV4HF

I will show you how tomorrow.

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