The Rains Are Here – Part 2


Now that the rains are here, it’s time to get busy with the work. The rains are not just to provide for the farmer’s immediate needs. Rather, they help him serve a larger community, albeit at a profit. The rains are supposed to make you believe for bigger and loftier things that are buried deep within your heart. The rains are to help you achieve your desire for impact. You should not experience this kind of rain and think about yourself alone. The rains help you to use your faith for others if you will allow it. Elijah did not pray that much and that long because he needed the raimagesPLORTX4Kins for himself. He had a bigger picture. If the rains could only help for your personal consumption, then it means you are still keeping a nursery and your reach is limited. These rains can cause revival in a city if we use our faith to channel the energy of the rains in that direction. The choice is ours. These rains have come to boost our faith, more importantly, as it relates to others in need. They are not here in order to make us acquire more material things because that will result in gross under-utilization of resources. They are here to make us harvest the seed of impacting the lives of others buried deep within our hearts. They are here to make us more effective in our love-walk and intercession for others. After all, when it’s all said and done, God won’t ask us how enriched we became materially. Rather, He would ask how many people stood in the faith because of us. We are created for impact. That’s why we asked for the rains and God gave us. The question is – what will you do with what you have received?

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