The needed little


“Bodily exercise profits little but godliness is profitable unto all things.” 1 Tim.4:8 (KJV)

Living a good life transcends just being a spiritual stalwart. My mantra is “however short or long the life you live, ensure you enjoy it”. Don’t just focus on living for many years (quantity); be mindful of the quality of life you live. Research shows that an average 21st century man or woman pays little attention to his health especially his physical body. He uses the body as if he has an extra one that can be picked up from a shelf. He uses the body in order to make money and then uses the money to treat the body if at all he wants to make more money. Making money has almost replaced the desire to live healthy and happy lives. We often work and then forget we need a healthy body to even enjoy the fruits of our labour.

God in His omniscience has designed the body to be self-rejuvenating if we would allow it. Sometimes because of the fast-paced generation in which we live, we use medication to cut short the normal recovery time the body needs. As a result, the body gets used to abolishing processes and ultimately performs below the installed capacity. To keep a physically healthy body, proper diet and nutrition is of great importance. We need to be very mindful what goes into our system. Reducing our artificial sugar intake and alcohol are common recommendations by nutrition experts. Also, taking a lot of water helps keep the body hydrated and in eliminating certain toxic waste which the human body acquired over time.

However, there is something little that we need to add to our controlled diet – exercise. Exercising is the process by which we consciously and unconsciously cause certain muscles in our body to work in order to keep them alive, agile and active. This is so hard for a lot of us, especially the upwardly mobile individuals. We spend hours behind our personal computers without considering the ergonomics. We spend hours driving and being driven without the opportunity to stretch our muscles. We spend hours watching TV and playing indoors that we now have very little time for outdoor activities. The demands on us do not allow us create the time for exercise- whether brisk walking, running, playing outdoor games with our children and lots more. What bothers me most is that we are raising a new generation of children who know little or nothing about extra-curricular and recreational activities. Their schools have no playground let alone their homes. In the long-run, this approach to child rearing will somehow impede all-round development. What do we have? A child who is ‘kinestatically’ intelligent naturally is forced to focus squarely on his academic work. Invariably, he grows up and finds out that he is not fulfilled.

The question remains “how do I exercise?” Number one, consider it a priority and make out time for it. After all, we make out time for what is important to us. Secondly, give yourself a schedule, say 15minutes every day – enjoy the pace and watch you grow. Thirdly, associate with those who are given to exercise by joining a gym, or individuals who exercise around where you live.

On a final note, it is not going to be easy on your body in the first few weeks. However, the benefits outweigh the pains and they are better experienced. So if you are ready to acquire the needed little then let’s go to the field and play.

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