The danger of knowledge

The danger of knowledge.

Have you ever wanted to carry out an idea and you could not because you felt you knew too much about the subject matter? This supposed body of knowledge that you have acquired over the years could create so much inertia that you procrastinate because you never felt adequate enough to carry out the task at hand.


This is what I call the danger of knowledge. The popular belief is that acquiring knowledge is very advantageous but knowledge has its cons. Knowledge can make us lethargic to our dreams and aspirations because we will always have more things to learn. Over the years, I have observed that those who make something meaningful out of life start out more ignorantly about their intended line of action than their knowledge-base. This seemingly ignorance is what enabled them to even venture out. If they had any idea, or the full idea of what they were getting into, most of them will never have started. This is one place ignorance has got benefits. imagesSAS7ADYY

Please note that I am not in any way advocating for ignorance. I am only thinking outside the box, knowing that even a dead clock is correct twice in a 24-hour period. All I am saying is that what you know is enough to start what is in your heart. How can you walk on water if you never step out? How can you experience the miraculous if you don’t take action? You may think it is humility for you to be waiting till your knowledge-base is fuller. However, on the flip-side, it might be as a result of self-doubt. Acting on our deepest premonitions sincerely opens us up to the supernatural. What you know is enough for someone to learn from you. Let people who are ahead of you inspire you rather than discourage you. Successful people act more in their ignorance than their knowledge. Acting on the unknown yields tremendous results. You will never know all there is to know about the idea that is in your heart. There are levels of understanding you cannot have except in the practical class. It is time to quit celebrating the acquisition of knowledge in the theory class and start gaining understanding through the practical. If the knowledge you are celebrating today will be tagged ignorance in a few years, then you can as well start with what you have where you are.



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