Staying fit is serious business

A wise man once said that the body is the vehicle that carries the spirit. Without it, even the spirit in its sovereignty remains inactive and grounded. No car engine can get anything done without the body of the car. As a result, it is foolhardy to care for the spirit without proper recourse also to the body. The body is also to be cared for in order to fully maximize the genius in it.

The question is: how difficult or easy is it to stay fit? A simple answer which is not as easy as it sounds is; if you consume more than you burn, your body will store it. If you burn more than you consume, your body will shed it. The bottom line is that we need to pay close attention to what we consume so that they will not eventually consume us.  In our present society where unhealthy high-calorie foods are easier and sometimes cheaper to come by than healthier wholesome meals, the responsibility becomes ours to be resolute in our quest to stay fit. It is recommended that you take water as often as the urge to take carbonated drinks come.  Our bodies eventually adjust to the training or culture we want it to imbibe. The body is like a computer: garbage in – garbage out.

While I am not a nutritionist and I am not in any way coming up with a list of nutrition or diet supplements, I believe everyone knows when he or she is going overboard. For example, the voice of our conscience speaks to us when we are over-indulging ourselves in unhealthy meals. The sad news is that the more we refuse to listen, the fainter the voice becomes until we damage our health. I discovered that most times we only give the devil a place in our health if we are not mindful of what we consume.  Most people fall into the myth of not confronting the reality that they are getting older, and the older you are the slower your rate of metabolism in the body. As a result, the way you could indulge your body 10 years ago is not the same way you should indulge it now. One of my philosophies when it comes to fitness is that you know what works for your body. Guard against foods with high levels of cholesterol, eliminate alcohol and avoid late night meals.  From my experience, overcoming the phobia of mid-night hunger is one step to eliminating late night meals. Some people eat late at night because they are afraid they would get hungry during the night. But the truth is, whether you eat or not, the day will break. When we eat late at night, we leave the body to continue the digestive process while we claim to be sleeping. This is counter-productive because we wake up tired (because the body was busy digesting the food) and most times, hungrier. My opinion is that it is better to take breakfast early than take dinner late. Health specialists recommend that dinner be taken at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.

What we consume is as important as when we consume them. Staying fit requires we consider both while adding the dimension of proper exercise. On a final note, never forget the scripture that says that your body is the temple of God – being mindful of these things shows that we honor the God who, in spite of His omnipresence, chose to call our bodies His temple. If for no other reason, staying fit is serious business. Just think of it as a journey and not a destination. It will help you make healthier food choices because you will only eat when hungry and in need of fuel; not when you are bored depressed or suffering emotional hangovers.



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