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The sacrifice of Christ must not only be adulated, but also emulated. The thoughts of His death must inspire our living. His love should drive us to love others in return. To live like this, in a world that actively promotes self-love, we need to think differently. We must ponder about His love so much that no sacrifice is too much to make for Him. To make things clearer, let me tell my story.

I met Jesus on the way to my Damascus – misguided and lost – but Christ had mercy on me. I was 16 and I had just finished my secondary school examinations so I had some spare time. Living in a Christian home meant a lot of Bibles were readily available to me so I decided to open one, one boring afternoon. ‘Boring’ became ‘life-changing’ as the Scriptures were engraved in my soul. For the first time, I could see God’s great love for me. Christ had done so much for me. What could I do for Him in return?

When I got into school two years later, I made a firm decision to live my life in service to Jesus. The Lord saw my heart and provided me with good Christian friends, a burning passion for Him and countless opportunities to serve. From buses to classrooms, houses to hall rooms, we shared the love of God with the people we came across. We also taught younger students and helped them find their feet in school. When things went wrong for some, we did our best to ensure they recovered and were re-energized to continue their studies. I spent my time at the university lending a hand to everyone I could, and of course training to be a doctor.

After school, I decided to work in a faith-based organization where I’ve had the privilege to build many young lives. I’ve counselled a good number of youths and helped teenage mothers get their lives back on track. My work also gives me the opportunity to help students from various fields of study discover the career paths to take. With every life I positively impact, I am reminded of Christ’s love and selflessness.

Yet, the tendency to be selfish is ever present and I have often found myself attending to my needs ahead of Christ’s and failing to care for others as much as I should. To overcome this attitude, I constantly remind myself that nothing in this life is as important as living for God and loving others. This lifestyle has not always been convenient and I have had to make many sacrifices. Howbeit, seeing many hearts blessed has made these sacrifices worthwhile.

To live for Him who died, we must stir ourselves up to such a way of living – desiring to touch lives every day in every way. Christ lived like this, He put our comfort before His own, and it would be fitting if we follow His example. Our acts of service may not be noticeable or impressive, but when faithfully carried out over time, have far more impact than we may ever know. This is especially so when they are done from a heart that truly wants to live for Jesus always.untitled----

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