Planning your faith

Before you put the brakes on me by saying ‘faith is a spontaneous action from the human heart that cannot be planned’ or before you accuse me of sounding heretic; please, hear me out.

“May He grant you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed” Ps.20:4
One of the errors we make in our generation especially those of us who walk by faith is that often times we refuse to plan faith. Our faith shows us what the end result will be like but we need to put pen to paper and endeavor to map out a strategy from our logical mind. This is the realm of asking and imagining that God desires to exceed. God wants us to have plans that His purpose will prevail upon. Using our finite logical minds interests God because He gave us our minds to use for His Glory. Creation shows us a God who is astute in planning His faith. He created the waters before calling out the fishes; the land before bringing out the land animals. Walking by faith is NOT an excuse for lack of planning. In fact, faith requires planning to survive.
From the Bible passage above, God grants the desires of our hearts and ensures that the plans made succeed, sometimes with a few divine tweaks. Plans are actionable steps towards a desired goal. Every plan made must drive you to take action. Plans are neither to be kept on shelves, nor are they supposed to make us feel good. Faith sets the target to aim at while planning helps in marking out the tools and the wherewithal required to hit the target. Plans are supposed to give momentum and not lethargy.
For instance, if you have a faith-based goal of studying abroad for a Master’s degree, planning requires you to start researching about schools, your country of choice, admission requirements, visa category, e.t.c. Jesus said “Which of you intending to build a tower does not first sit down to count the cost and see whether he has enough to finish it?”
Planning, also described as counting the costs helps you do a self assessment which shows you what you have and what you have to source for. Planning is an integral part of your faith. The question remains ‘how do I plan my faith?’
a. Break down your ‘entire life’ into fragments e.g. spiritual, financial, family, physical etc
b. Define your ideal in each of the fragments (please note that God leads us into the fullness of His purpose for our lives by our desires)
c. Start writing out strategies that come to your mind in reaching this ideal
d. Develop those strategies into actionable steps starting from where you are
e. Know that no plan is sacrosanct. So keep the plans as flexible as possible
f. Keep moving

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