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Money is neither good nor bad. It is neutral in personality. It takes on the nature of the handler. Money is bad if the handler is bad and good if the handler is good. A good part of our day is being spent in making money. As a result, it is an essential part of our lives. Money is a means of exchange. We make it when we give something in exchange for it. Whenever we don’t have it by inheritance, we have to give in our time, talent or energy to make money.

However, there are certain mindsets that are crucial for us to adopt in order to be able to make money. The following are a few of the attitudes and/or mindsets;

1)      You must accept responsibility. The beginning of failure is to transfer responsibility. If you are poor you chose to be poor, especially if you are in Nigeria. The first thing youimagesH2IW5A0V have to do to make money is to accept responsibility for your life and destiny.

2)      You have to swallow your pride. If you are a graduate you have a tendency to be proud. You have to swallow your pride. Money is on the streets. Formal education is a means to an end and not an end in itself. It is supposed to help you with your packaging. People would buy you before buying your product. Packaging helps your profit. Speak good English. Get into the streets and re-package old traditional businesses like frying yam and akara, roasting corn and plantain etc. There was something I read from the bible in the book of Ruth; in spite of the fact that it was God’s will for Ruth to own the entire field of Boaz, Ruth started out by gleaning in the field. Do you know what it means to glean? The commandment for the children of Israel is that the reapers should not gather all the proceeds; they are to leave some behind for the poor and the needy. So, Ruth was picking that portion that belongs to the poor and the needy, She had to start from that point although the intention of God was for her to get married to Boaz and own the entire field. She started from gleaning behind the reapers. You have to swallow every form of pride.

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