Managing Your Emotions

Emotions are a part of our lives. It is very difficult to admit the extent to which emotions influence our lives. This is especially true for the male gender. Our emotions are like the invisible part of us that drives every aspect of our lives. They are fickle and not dependable because they change slowly or swiftly. My belief is that God created us with emotions to spice up our lives and make us enjoy living. Can you imagine our world without emotions? It is almost unimaginable. If God created us with emotions, then it must mean that emotions are good. However, we have the ability to pervert our emotions. We have absolute power over our emotions.

Our emotions affect our thoughts and words. They either inject power into them or drain power completely out of them. Knowing the magnitude of power residing in our emotions, the enemy always seeks to use it negatively to impede our progress if he cannot destroy us. This impending strike of the enemy is supposed to keep us on our toes. Our emotions can influence our decisions and our decisions can either take us forward or backwards. It is ironic to say that while we cannot make qualitative decisions based on emotions, we need our emotions to make qualitative decisions.  There are, however, ways to manage our emotions instead of our emotions managing us. When we learn to manage our emotions, we have learnt to control a substantial part of our lives. The following truths are noteworthy about emotions:

  1. Know that your emotions are fickle. They can’t be trusted. The same person or situation that made you sad today can bring you joy tomorrow. That means our action & inaction should be deeper than emotional rush. As a result, we must become astute in dissociating facts from feelings, logic from sentiments.
  2. Never feel at any time that your emotions are uncontrollable. Having a sense of control helps us refuse to allow our emotions control us.
  3. Isolate your emotions from you. Your emotions are not you and you are not your emotions. Never define yourself by your emotions.

4. Use every available channel to redirect your emotions. One of such channels is your words. Your words help you redirect the energy that is in your emotions instead of it being dissipated. I have used this channel over & over again and it has worked without fail.

Negative or unpleasant emotions take more hold on us when we quietly brood over them. However, when we speak to ourselves we diminish its hold over us. David in the bible spoke to his soul; he said “why are you disquieted within me?”

Emotions are like coins – they always have a flip side. The side we focus on is what magnifies. In life, if we go by everything that is supposed to make us feel bad then we would perpetually live in a depressed state. This, I believe, is the reason why God made our emotions responsive to our words. Words redirect our emotions and words spoken under high emotional state whether negative or positive are very powerful. Emotions are God’s gift to us and we must embrace it as such. In fact, on a deeper note, our emotions could be used by God to communicate to us. Also, David said “when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to a rock that is higher than me.”

From today, make up your mind to master the art of managing your emotions, knowing that until your mind is made up, the power in your spirit is not unleashed.

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