Life is like the Olympics

While watching the just concluded Rio2016 Olympics, I observed that there were many sports going on simultaneously during Olympics. Each sport had its audience and contestants. Even though some sports had a larger audience than others, a gold medal was a gold medal.

For an athlete to win the gold medal, she/he must have put in a lot of time in training, exercise and discipline. She/he must be conversant with the rules of the game she/he is competing in and not get distracted by what even her/his team mates let alone her/his competitors are doing.

Their motto was “Whether you are participating in track or field event, indoor or outdoor sport, ensure you do so in order to win”. Every contestant does so in order to win a medal in his area of passion and expertise. Every athlete that wins a medal pushes his or her country higher on the table. Similarly, Apostle Paul admonished us to run the race marked out for us in such a way that we would win.

Olympians are men and women of one kind of sport who have put in a lot of effort and have been adjudged the best and the fittest to represent their countries. For them, the gold medal in not too popular sports like fencing, archery and shooting in the Olympics is as important as more popular sports like football for the country they are representing. At the end of the day, every medal counts for the country.

Likewise, every time you stand in your area of calling, passion and expertise and you win, you take the kingdom of God higher in the world. Whatever you believe God has called you to do in life and in ministry, go for gold in it. For instance, if what God has called you to do appears unpopular like some games in the Olympics, still ensure you go for gold. Whether you have a large fan base or a few spectators, ensure you go for gold. Every gold medal counts. The beautiful thing about the Olympics was that there were fans for each type of sport or game played. You will also always have an audience in life.

The gold medalist in equestrian jumping or pommel horse does not need to become envious or jealous of the gold medalist in football or swimming. There is no need to be in competition with anyone.

 Let’s just ensure we go for gold in our area. It is to the advantage of the kingdom we represent.  

Go for Gold!

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