laws of money part 3


This is the third law of money that I will like to share with you today out of about 25 laws that I have. The lesson of the parable of the talents as told by Jesus in Matthew 25:13-30, is that any person that spends all that comes to his hands either on bills or pleasure is both wicked and lazy. The servant that Jesus condemned in that story was condemned because, he did not invest the primary capital that was entrusted into his hand. I think I will not be exaggerating if I say most of the people reading this article fall into the same category as this servant. Most of us don’t even consider investing the money that is entrusted into our hands. The reason is because we are mostly not aware of the first two laws of money I have stated in the previous articles.

Before my own personal encounter with the Lord in this regard, I lived like everybody else. At that point our church was making 20,000 US dollars a month, yet before the end of the month we were already in the red. It was catastrophic, until the lord pointed out to me to read this story again. While reading the story, I kept on comforting myself that I was a good servant, because I had a big church at that time and people were grateful to me for the changes and differences God has used me to make in their lives.

What a shock it was to me when God told me that in this story I wasn’t the good servant, I was not even the second servant that got two talents. What totally devastated me was when the Lord told me that I was worse than the last servant whom He condemned in that parable. My sense of pride and self-worth was so much offended that I was angry with God momentarily. I felt it was by all means unfair to have compared me to a wicked and lazy servant. But to now say I was worse than him totally shattered and ruined my day. I needed a proof and an explanation. Then God began to take me to school.

He said, at least in the case of the wicked and lazy servant, he was smart enough not to spend everything that his master trusted into his hand. In my case however, I was spending over 20,000 thousand US dollars on needs and bills, thinking I had excuses. I could not get myself to save talk less of multiplying. The Lord also reminded me that there was a time I was making only 2,000 US dollars in a month.

At that time I had prayed to God that He should increase me. My belief was that if God could only help me make 5,000 US dollars in a month, I was going to be grateful and that will be more than enough for me. Guess what? God answered that prayer, but once we started making 5,000 US dollars, the needs were already overwhelming, so much that that amount was again not enough, because I was not following the laws of money. When you don’t abide by the laws of money and like in my case you don’t even know them, this means that caterpillars and cankerworms are always standing by to consume the little that you make.

culled from Pastor Sunday Adelaja’s blog

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