Just do it!


imagesNP57QIJOWhile watching a sitcom, Sister-Sister, a few weeks ago, Tia and Tamera were stranded on a large expanse of water in a small speed boat that ran out of gas. They had no communication tool or gadget to contact anyone on shore. They screamed for help but no one could hear them and all efforts to signal with their hands proved abortive as they were very far from human view. They had the option of swimming to shore but they did not trust their swimming skills to carry them across such a large expanse of water. They spent hours nursing the fear that the end of their lives had come. Fear gripped then as each recalled moments with their loved ones and how their loved ones would miss them upon their demise. The saying ‘cowards die a thousand times before their death’ came in very handy at that moment. After about five to six hours when all hope seemed to be lost, one of them braced up saying she would swim to shore and damn the consequences. The other forbade her and urged her not to leave the boat which appeared to be the safest place for them at the moment. Without recourse as to what her twin said, she stepped out of the boat into the waters. Alas! The water was just about 2 feet deep! They were surprised.  The other twin joined her and both girls literally walked to shore.images1

The moral of the story is – whatever is keeping us stagnant and fearful really does not exist, or at the least, not in the magnitude that we think it exists. How many of us are stranded in the ocean of life in career, business, relationship, ministry etc because of the large expense of water we can see? The good news is that it is just about 2 feet deep. We stay in our comfort zones, which aren’t really comfortable for our hearts, because of the fear of the unknown. To conquer fear, you must do what you are afraid of. Who would have believed they were stranded for hours because of such a shallow depth of water?  Fear cripples. Never allow it. Whatever you cannot confront, you cannot conquer. Courage is not the absence of fear; rather it is acting and taking steps in spite of fear.images71D47GIR

Whatever direction your heart is prompting you, go ahead. Unfortunately, we unconsciously believe other people more than we believe our own hearts and no man knows what belongs to a man except the spirit of the man. We have to learn to trust our hearts when it prompts us. The more we do it the better we get at it. Even when we make mistakes, our hearts are so strong that they recalibrate and realign us with destiny. That is the miracle of the heart as long as it is sincere. Never doubt the sincerity of your heart and never allow people, places, things, circumstances make you doubt that which is your godly deep-seated desire.

Don’t be afraid. Just step out. The miraculous is worked in the field and not in the classroom. There are things about your purpose and destiny you would never understand until you step out. The car is safe in the garage; the ship safe at harbor and the aircraft safe in the hanger. But that is not what they are built for. Stop dancing around that plan, step out based on what you have. No car headlamp sees the destination at the outset. However, as the car moves, it keeps seeing clearly what appeared dark until it gets to its destination. Like Nike, Just do it!

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