Just a little more


Ten strikes fell a tree. The question is which of the strikes fell the tree? Many times in life we are tempted to give up too soon. The truth is that if you have never felt like giving up then you are either not reaching for a higher cause or you are shooting too low. As long as it’s a temptation and a feeling and not an action that we carry out, giving up is perfectly normal. However, experience has shown that our desired expectation is nearest when the opposition is greatest. This opposition can be internal or external. Internal meaning they could be self imposed or self defined. Whichever one it is, the feeling if going up should tell you that you are closer than when you first started. If you are achieving anything worthwhile, you have to get comfortable with such feelings. A beloved preacher once said you have to be comfortable with the threat of failure.

The first strike is as important as the tenth strike that seemed to have brought the tree down, although we are tempted to celebrate the tenth strike more than the first. Can you imagine giving up after the ninth strike because the tree refused to come down? You would have wasted time, effort and resources; so, never give up. A little more effort and the result will be overwhelming. Apostle peter had toiled all night, yet had caught nothing. After his encounter with Jesus, He told him to try catching fish one more time. Following this instruction, he caught such a large number of fish that he needed people to help him.  The phrase “nevertheless at thy word” could be seen as a statement of unbelief. But before you put the brakes on Peter, let’s celebrate the fact that he tried on more time. I once asked myself many years ago if I would have tried again were I in Peter’s shoes. My honest answer was no. As a result, I celebrated the courage of Peter to try again. He exclaimed in unbelief, but his action signified faith. When we try one more time, we experience God’s power afresh.

Instead of giving up on that dream, why not make one more attempt? We quit too soon and quitters don’t win. Sometimes we hide under the umbrella that maybe it’s not Gods will for me to have what I desired. However, the question is, with what confidence and assurance did you start out? Never throw away that confidence. The battle you have to win is the battle of keeping your confidence level constant. Can you imagine if Noah had quit building the ark because the rain was not coming? He knew he just had to wait a little more. God’s will is God’s will. You will never have to prove it by the external circumstances falling in or out of place. His will tests our resilience and consistency. God does not want His children to be wimps who cannot handle adversity or delay. In those times of delay, He builds character in us and that character is needed to sustain the blessing.

In construction, you have to beware of buildings that rise too soon because the higher you want to go, the deeper you dig. Just a little more effort and time, and you will get your desired result. Apostle Paul admonishes us never to be weary in well doing because in due season, we shall reap if we do not faint or grow weary. Remember, when it seems you can’t take it again; that is when you should take just a little more.    

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