Instinct to succeed

I believe the term “success” is one of the most used with respect to positivity thinking as it relates to oneself or others. Various definitions and schools of thought have been used to describe success. However the more we try to define it, the broader it gets. As a result, it seems best to describe it as a concept that is relative. Relative in the sense that it is unique to different people. Each person’s definition appears different. Many have hoped for success either as a verb or as a noun.  This has made them come up with their own definition. As much as success is desired by many, very few ask themselves what the parameters of success are. I met a young man recently and asked him what he wants out of life. He replied ‘I just want to be successful’. It sounded vague but interesting. I probed further by asking ‘what are your parameters for defining a state of being successful?’ how will you know you have achieved your set goals? His long silence made me shudder because I realized that there must be a lot of people in his shoes. Excelling in whatever we set out to do is natural and human – we all have the natural instinct to succeed. The question is in what? I believe in what you are designed to do. The fact that I used a knife to do what a screwdriver should do does not make the knife a success. What’s the use if it can do every other thing except cut? Although it’s in active use; it’s not in normal use.

I believe true success will never be attained until we do what we have the natural instinct to do. Follow your instinct and it will drive you to success. Unfortunately, we have unconsciously defined success as how much of materials we are able to accumulate in the shortest possible time. It is noteworthy that not all of us can be Bill Gates or Aliko Dangote. However, there is something deep down inside of us that draws us and makes us feel that the world is at our feet. The challenge is that we don’t believe enough in our instinct. As a result, we don’t leverage on it for our success. One truth I found early in life is that you are the only person that can set the parameters of your success in life. There are things that you are designed to do that will make you maximize your instinct for success. Find them out and set your parameters for success around them. When you follow your instinct you will discover that there is a world where money becomes a non-issue. Jesus helped us with this saying ‘a man’s life does not consist of the abundance of the things he possesses’. He means possessions don’t equate success. While the urge to excel at what you do is natural, the discovery and subsequent pursuit of what to do is intentional. You were born to succeed; however, not at everything. To really say we are successful, we must have the inner fulfilment of accomplished stewardship towards God and man.

Whatever we have been given to trade with, whether 5, 2, or 1, the most important thing to the master is that we make returns or success from it. The master was as happy with the man with the 5 as with the man with the 2. Success is not how much we have or own in comparison with others. Rather, it is how much we have excelled at what we have been given. Think about this: I am more successful if I made a 20 with a 10 than if I make a 100 with a 90.    

May you succeed!

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