I didn’t know I was pregnant

Every woman’s desire either acknowledged or not, is to carry a baby of her own. This is crucial in some countries and cultures especially Africa. Women, especially the married ones, would like to carry a baby in their womb to full term. Women are naturally relational and this is an extension of that trait. The experience of pregnancy – carrying another human being inside you is thrilling for every woman and unique with each pregnancy. Some women have it tough while some have it easy. Some women enjoy the attention, respect and honor pregnancy gives, as such, they won’t mind getting pregnant over and over again. The lessons are better experienced as the knowledge gained in classrooms and social interactions are generic and limited. Ironically, while some women abort pregnancies because of various reasons, some desire it so strongly that they are willing to pay any amount to get it. The body undergoes a lot of changes during these times to accommodate the growing fetus and gets itself ready for delivery. From conception to delivery is non-arguably a miracle. Its proof-positive that there is a creator and a God whose works and His ways are past finding out.

However, statistics show that one in seven thousand women do not know that they are pregnant. Their bodies do not undergo any major change. All pregnancy indicators are not visible. As a result, pregnancy is not a possibility to be considered even when there are pains, occasional discomforts and cravings. The deliveries of such babies are more miraculous as the mother is not psychologically prepared, neither has she been through antenatal care.

As I pondered on this rare event, it occurred to me that a lot more people are pregnant and they don’t even know it. This time, they are not pregnant with babies.  Rather they are pregnant with endless possibilities. They experience nostalgia, cravings and so on without knowing that it is their heart prompting them that there is more to them than meets the eye. They are pregnant. Something is growing in them- a vision, an idea, a hunch, inkling or a thought. Their romance with deity has left a seed in them that they have to nurture to maturity. Even though they have forgotten about the event, the seed has been sown and it won’t be aborted. If you ever have the dream, the drive, the occasional surge in feeling that you can do something or conquer the world, maybe you are pregnant and you don’t even know it! If you ever feel destiny pulling you in a certain direction that you did not even plan for, maybe you should go for a pregnancy test. If you ever feel hot when everyone else is feeling cold, then it’s time for your antenatal. If you don’t just fit into any mold that men are trying to put you, then you are expecting a baby. The baby could be a miracle, a fulfilled life, a business, a new career path, a ministry, an NGO and so on. Whatever it is, you are wired to bring it to maturity. Jacob got to this point in his life when he said “God is in this place and I did not know it”. This means ‘I was in a place with the seed of endless possibilities and I did not know it. You can’t afford to be ignorant about your status any longer. That overwhelming tiredness and occasional grumpiness in your heart shows you are pregnant. It’s not the devil trying to weigh you down. Rather, it is God showing you that there is something growing inside of you that your heart is responding to. Your heart is responding so you could finally summon up the courage to go for a pregnancy test, register for your antenatal care and prepare for your baby. Pregnancy is the reason behind the pain you feel occasionally. Remember, the pain becomes more bearable when the purpose is understood.

At this point, I should congratulate you for conception and urge you to persevere until your water breaks at full dilation and the doctor says ‘PUSH!’, for us to welcome your bundle of joy.

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