How Who You Are Relates With Who You Find

Just imagine this for a moment.

If a fish judges itself by the ability to climb, the fish will spend most of its life feeling like a failure. Why? The fish is an animal that lives and thrives in water, and not land. The gills, fins, tails and body scales were all designed by nature to make fishes survive in this habitat.

It is interesting how we sometimes use other people as a yardstick for our lives.

As we learned in previous videos, the first step to self discovery is to find our S.I unit, that is, those things that come naturally to us after all has been stripped away.

The next step is to surround yourself intentionally with people that look like your dreams. Finding the right relationships in our lives can be crucial to our success.

This week, we learn how who we are ties in with the type of relationships we attract.

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Watch and get inspired.


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