how to meet up with dating expectations

On my very first date, my true love said to me ‘this is my best date ever’! Well, of course I was flattered and was elated to know that I was able to pull off an impressive first date. I mean, how many of you have achieved that?

**scans room**

Yes, that’s what I thought…very few :).26

But you see, my mind works very much like a distillery, very warped and spiral machine that processes and over-processes simple data or information. My mind ehn! I was back home from the ‘perfect date’ and whistling all the love songs I’ve ever heard since birth so much that my mum could tell her last born had struck gold with some girl she didn’t know. During this post-victory moment, my mind quickly stopped me right in my tracks with a revelation which I’d like to relate to you men folk here.

‘This is my best date ever’. Her exact words. So that means, while I was busy dreaming, planning and strategizing my FIRST DATE, she had been to several other dates, only God knows how many. I never bothered to ask. So here’s my hypothesis: GIRLS DATE EARLIER THAN BOYS. To start with, scientists have proof that girls mature faster than their male contemporaries physiologically and emotionally. Why else do you think that back in secondary days or university days, a good number of ladies would pick older boys in higher classes over you because they think you can’t take care of them?

If my theory is right, then we ‘demboiz’ need to brace up and be on top of our game, not just for your first date but for any date at all because these dames have seen it all! This dating thing is a very serious something my brother.

Now as the professor in the house on dating affairs, let me give you a few tips based on experience 🙂

  1. Be creative with the location…and please that eatery around the corner is too predictable.
  2. Be on time. No African timing please.
  3. The fact that she is a self-confessed ‘independent woman’ does not mean you should not open the door for her.imagesC692WIR2
  4. Don’t dress to kill. Just look good and confident.

After all that has been said here, I know you have more tips that can help others have that amazing date that will lead to a happy and blissful matrimony in the end. Please feel free to share in the comment box below.

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