How to get answers to your prayers


‘Produce your cause, says the Lord; bring forth your strong reasons, says the king of Jacob’ -Isaiah 41:21

How comforting and inspiring to know that in prayer you can actually turn your closet into a courtroom? You can demand for a change by bringing forth your strong reasons and insisting that things turn out in a certain way for you or for your loved ones. This kind of praying is intense and it requires fervency-the kind for which you shut your door and say, ”I must have a miracle today!” You might ask, what if after praying for a while, I’m still not satisfied that it’s done? Well, that’s why it’s called “pleading your case”; it just means “case adjourned!” Since you are not yet convinced it’s done, go back to the word, research and produce more evidence. Pray earnestly in the spirit-in other tongues. Even if you have to stop praying for a while to go to work, or engage in some other worthwhile activities, once you have the opportunity again to be alone continue in prayer.

Even while you’re on the move, perhaps in the car, heading to work or returning from work, once the issue comes to your mind, speak the word of God about it. This, essentially, is how you pray when praying the prayer of petition; it’s rendered with tenacity and a strong sense of purpose. You don’t get a note of victory the first time you pray, you continue until you know you’ve gotten what you want; and at that point, nothing in this world can take it away from you.

However, until you have that note of victory and knowledge in your spirit, continue in prayer; keep pleading your case. Remember what he said in Isaiah 43:26: ” Put me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified.” God didn’t make this statement because He’s forgetful; rather, it’s an invitation for you to bring forth your arguments and strong reasons in pleading your case. He wants you to present the statements of the matter you’re dealing with, and be importunate in prayer. Soon enough, there’ll be laughter in your spirit because you’d have the victory.

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