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imagesO8IXFJNYA  common  feature  amongst  humans  is  the  herd  search  for  silver  bullets  –  elixirs;  panaceas.

People seek the wonder drug; the wonder exercise regimen; the wonder food; the wonder fruit; the wonder nutritional supplement; the wonder instruction for living; that one thing they need to attain  perfection  in  health  and  escape  possibly  all  illness.  People want that one answer.  And therefore, cyclically, something new gets released into the sphere bearing with it that answer-all promise, or an old one suddenly gains novel popularity, claiming a newly discovered previously unknown  spectrum  of  benefits,  and  their  flocks  the  herd  of  seekers,  none  wishing  to  be  left wanting  in  this  new  promise.  Then a certain spice suddenly moves up into unprecedented demand, people glutting thereon, or multitudes turn to that fruit hoping in its unrivalled promise, the said fruit suddenly becoming daily bread and an everyday snack for the multitudes. And the hopes are high and the confidence practically immoveable.untitled

But what we need to know is that there is never just one answer as far as life and health are concerned: all things work together to produce the required results. Every food has its unique richness and confers its peculiar benefits, and the combination of these from the great diversity of choices is what makes for optimum health. It is equally important to note that as too little of a food element may precipitate deficiency and its attendant illness, so can too much of it trigger sicknesses of the glut. Why has the Lord created such a diversity of foods (animals as well as plants), fruits and spices, if we are to then isolate a tiny fraction to be overeaten? Simple studies of various items of food make the benefits to be had from them so glaring, so why this self-denial amidst such a vast array of choices?  And indeed, the most important things are inexpensive. It is actually in the search for special items that much resource is expended, and yet these costly things are mostly of affected quality, some even bearing measures of risks for harm having undergone various industrial processes with only time left to reveal the range of the lost benefits and the extents of the potential harm. A simple guide phrase for food selection is, “The more of natural produce and the less of industrial products, the better; and more so, as great a diversity of the natural things as possible.” Furthermore, let us not forget water: it is probably not by chance that it is as abundant as it is on the earth. And apart from making for a sound health, these things also make for beauty.

There are indeed times when more of a substance is needed, which is when deficiency has been proven. And it is at such times that individuals need more of one or a few things. That is why supplements  are  so-called:  “supplements,”  to  supplement  or  supply  what  is  insufficient  or lacking.  Any  other  use  of  such  may  practically  amount  to  abuse,  bearing  with  it  the corresponding risks. And as well, there are also health states where individuals are instructed to limit the consumption of certain substances.

We should also realize that science is extremely limited. It claims something now and 50years down the line it comes out and says, “We were wrong.” Where then is the safe haven? This is in the region of balance.  Again, there is a reason everything was created.  Can we take it upon ourselves to benefit maximally from that array? Can we robustly diversify our choices? Can we venture to enjoy all that we can find around us, and won’t our health states also be hugely better for it? Again, why deny ourselves when there is so much to utilize? Can’t our tastes be widely spread?untitled-

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