Have you burnt the bridge behind you?


Decisions are essential parts of our daily living. We are constantly bombarded with issues that make us exercise our power of choice. Someone once said “not making a choice is a choice in itself”. We make choices and those choices eventually make us. The choices we make form our habits and determine our lifestyle. These habits and lifestyles together determine the outcome of our lives. From the very first minute of our day till we sleep at night, we make choices.  This means if we are to make choices that will benefit us in the long run; we have to become intentional with our lives. Unfortunately, living intentionally is an art we are losing grasp of in the 21st century. We are tempted to assume that whatever will be, will be. However, this is not absolutely true. We make our choices more potent when we back them up with corresponding action.

One of the things we are confronted with in this generation is the availability of multiple options to choose from. It has impeded our progress more than accelerating it. These multiple options tend to leave us more confused because they increase the chances of error. Most times, we delay in decision making if we eventually make a decision. This multiple option system is also partly why it has become increasingly difficult to follow through on a course of action. It has become so easy to quit when the going gets tough. For instance, a young man who started a business begins to lose heart when the business doesn’t do as envisaged because he still has the option of quitting and returning to a regular paid employment. He does not realize that until your mind is made up and your eye is single, the power of creativity embedded in your spirit is not unleashed. Creativity shuts down when multiple options are not eliminated. Once the subconscious mind realizes that there is an escape plan, it will never maximize its true potential. Also, in marriage, if you enter with the option of quitting left open, you will most likely end up divorced.

The writer of the book of Hebrews tells us in the fifteenth verse of the eleventh chapter that if they had been thinking of where they were coming from, they would have had opportunity to return. This means opportunities gravitate towards us in the areas of our predominant thoughts. The converse of the verse in Hebrew is true – if we are mindful of where we are going we will always find opportunities to get there. The question is whether we have burnt the bridge behind us. As long as the option of quitting or going back is open, we will always find a way and a reason to go back. To increase your chances of success in any venture in life, you have to perfect the art of eliminating options. You might not have hit the bull’s eye but you must be in the field very close to you. You might have to say “I might not be able to say what I will do but I can always say what I won’t do”. If you must live a fulfilled life, you must burn some bridges behind you. It’s called the law of focus.    

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