God is pressed for mercy

imagesSOXOW8PBAs little children growing up, the care of when and where to poo was the concern of the mothers or the elderly ones around us. As we grew older, we were taught to take responsibility for our actions. Whenever we needed to poo, we were taught to either speak out or possibly go to the toilet ourselves; after mastering the art of potty usage. As adults, the choice of when and where to poo becomes solely our responsibility especially in our generation where no one seems to poo with the way we appear in public. A question I would like to ask you is whether you have ever been pressed to do number 2? Have you ever lost every sense of decorum because you were pressed? Did you ever have such moments where sweat breaks out of your pores even in an air-conditioned room and you were tempted to pretend as if you had malaria? Have you taken such gentle strides because you are afraid of breaking the seal ‘down there’? have you experienced those moments when it seems home is so far away even though you are at your gate? Have you ever tried to keep your cool when all genres of music are playing in your tummy? Have you ever been hit by a surge of stomach upset that brings you to a halt, makes you go totally silent, and people around you are wondering what happened? Were you ever riding in a bus or driving your car on a road trip and you knew any further delay would be dangerous and cause untold embarrassment? I can go on and on. The truth is that it is absolutely human and responding to such call of nature is a must if we must enjoy true relief. Until we let go of what is inside, we can never find peace and rest. I can share a couple of personal experiences and I am quite sure you have yours too.untitled..untitled-

This scenario is what comes to mind anytime I read the portion of scriptures that says God is pressed for mercy. It suggests to me that Gods bowels are so full that he needs a bowel movement. Otherwise, He won’t be comfortable. When you are pressed, it is anyhow and anywhere that is free. God is no exception. He will defecate mercies upon anyone who makes his or her heart available to Him. God does not care about who is looking, how it feels or where it is because He is pressed! As long as there is a space, He will fill. He does not have time to observe all protocols neither does He have time to be courteous. He needs to get mercies out. When Rahab the prostitute made herself available, He defecated mercy on her. When the ‘Syrophonecian’ woman made herself available to Jesus, He defecated mercy on her. When blind Bartimaeus made himself available, He defecated mercy on him. The list goes on.

When a man is pressed, he appears rude until he gets what is in him out. He could come back to apologize to the protocol after that which was in him had been let out. So is God when He is pressed for mercy. He could bypass the leader and go to the follower whose space is open for use. It beats the human mind that God is more willing to give than we will ever be willing or able to receive because he is pressed. The question is ‘how bad do you want it?’

Whenever I think about this, it gladdens my heart and I quickly say ‘Lord, this space is free; you can quickly use it’. By space, I mean my heart. Will you join me in saying this?    untitled...

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