Getting Out Of This Financial Quagmire


Financial stress is real especially in the times that we live in largely because of the economic recession in different countries of the world. Many people are so broke that survival has become the name of the game. For instance, in Nigeria at this time, the quest and taste for luxury for many people are being redefined and sales of luxury goods are in its all time low. The economic hardship is taking its tow on many individuals and families while businesses and organizations are not left out.

The main plan of the enemy is to hook us onto the survival mode. He wants us to be so focused on the present that we lose sight of the significance in our future. He knows that if he could bombard our minds long enough, we would eventually succumb to the pressures of life. This is because of his plans to take the next generation from us right from when they are young. A child who is raised under such limiting conditions will do a lot more work in renewing his or her mind into abundance. If you are a parent, your biggest task is to ensure that you do not internalize the happenings on the outside because of your children. While you have a lot of filters to sieve through, your children don’t. They take everything hook, line and sinker.

Never allow yourself to sink into the survival mode of life. The survival mode of life is that mode where nothing matters more than making ends meet. The sight of tomorrow is gone at this mode. But the truth is that the answers to today’s problems are in the visions of tomorrow. By all means, you must preserve the visions of tomorrow. Not by sheer optimism but by taking conscious deliberate steps especially as itemized below;

  • Use your words and images to give yourself a new normal of abundance
  • Have a detailed breakdown of your monthly expenses and clearly articulate it in words before God in prayer
  • Work out a repayment plan for all your debt
  • Cut down cost by all means and minimize expenses
  • Thank God because His plans for you remain intact.

As you take these steps in no particular order, God will amplify them like He did with the steps of the lepers in the Bible while they were on their way to abundance without knowing.

May your steps be guided!

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