faith in a faithless world

untitled.Faith is the conviction or belief that something is real without having evidence. It is an obligation of trust and loyalty to God. Faith gives us an assurance of something we hope for. It is the evidence of unforeseen realities; proof of the existence of something that is not tangible to the natural senses.

Everything about your life is hinged on your understanding and practice of faith. Without faith, you cannot obtain anything from God. You can’t even keep the devil under your feet where he belongs without faith.

In today’s world where there is so much evil and wickedness, you can only walk in love and live a fulfilling and peaceful life by faith. It takes faith to listen and not respond in bitterness when someone speaks evil of you. It takes faith to remain unruffled and still love those who criticize and despitefully use you. It takes faith to hold your head up and not let what your critics say cause you to react negatively. It takes faith not to wish evil for those who hate, mistreat and misjudge you. The faith way is the only way for the Christian.

Vocalize your faithuntitled

Vocalizing your faith means to orally make your boast in the Lord, affirming your faith in His ability and how His ability functions in you. It means to declare your consciousness of His greatness in you. Vocalizing your faith activates the power of God in you as seen in the scriptures, in the book of 1Samuel 17:46-48; David charged towards the giant. This is what happens when you activate the power of God. Learn to activate that power in you by testifying and declaring what he has done for you and is yet to accomplish in and through you.

Get rid of the negativities

Proverbs 18:21 says ‘’Death and life are in the power of the tongue…’’ this let us know the power and creative force of words. Words are so powerful; they can either make or mar, they are the compass with which you chart the course of your life. It is therefore important that you are careful not to talk in a way that contradicts the word of God in your life.

We live in a world full of negativities, and people very easily speak lack, defeat and failure. Do not join the band wagon. Recognize that you are different. Continually affirm God’s word for you in every situation.

Have the ‘I can do’ mentality. Eliminate all forms of negativism and pessimism from your vocabulary.images1IREUC13

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