Don’t you dare rest there!


Have you ever been tempted to rest beneath what you believe is God’s best for your life? If not, keep on living knowing that you will soon be tempted. As we strive to achieve what God has placed in our hearts to do, we get to points where we actually want to take a rest either out of exhaustion, comparison or satisfaction. Exhaustion because we are tired of striving, comparison because we feel we are either better than others or others are better than us and satisfaction because of the deceitfulness of accomplishments especially material things.

At whatever stage or state we are in, God has a capsule that works well for any of our predicaments. For exhaustion, he strengthens us from within by injecting new visions and dreams into our mind-space. For comparison, he shows us our uniqueness and helps us become confident and comfortable with it. For satisfaction, he ruffles our nests until our entire support system is restructured.

Where you are is not where you are going. God has something more in store for you. For whatever reason, resting on your oars is not an option. If you are tired of running, take a break off your daily routine and go back to the drawing board where it all started. Thereafter, start again. There is something greater ahead of you than what is behind you. With this attitude, get into prayer. It will strengthen you against the situation that appears insurmountable.

Don’t rest because you seem to be doing better than others. You have been called to run your race. Even if you seem to be leading in the race, keep on running because overtaking and outrunning is allowed in life. At the same time, let other people’s progress motivate you to run faster on your unique path rather than discourage you to make you quit.

If your nest is being ruffled like the mother-eagle does for the eaglets then get out of your comfort zone. Eaglets don’t soar sitting in their nest. God wants to introduce you to a new order of life- new possibilities and new realities. That new order fuels your absolute dependency on him and not on the people, systems, structures and resources he blessed you with.

When God makes sense to you in retrospect, that is, when you look back over your life then you know that you didn’t rest beneath His best for your life.


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