Do you believe for miracles or magic?


“And Isaac sowed in the land and in the same year he reaped a hundredfold because God blessed him”- Gen.26:12

Many people have read the above passage of the bible with so much excitement on “the reaping in the same year”. However, he did something before reaping – he sowed. Sowing in the time of famine is the worst nightmare any farmer can have. The harsh weather conditions must have affected the soil texture. The land is very hard since it has been devoid of rain and ploughing the ground is harder. No sane farmer will want to plough under such harsh conditions. It would have been better if he was expecting rain very soon from his normal weather forecast. However, there has been a protracted period without rain. So the last thing to ever think of doing is to go plant seed(s) when you are not sure of rain. Isaac however, went to sow in the land of famine. Most of what we have taught about the scripture has been propounded as an excuse for laziness and easy blessing(s). A little emphasis has been placed on the kind of hard work, diligence, mental dexterity amongst other things required to sow or plant seed(s) in the time of famine. The truth is that sowing is hard work even when there is no famine. With famine, it is more work. Another thing worthy of note is the courage he had to trust his gut and intuition that sowing was the next thing to do in such a time as that. Moreover, he did what he knew how to do best before then – crop farming. He did not do any animal husbandry which his father, Abraham, was strong in. he only focused on what he had been doing i.e. where he had always added value.untitled

Secondly, the phrase “in the same year” calls for a little close examination. I believe “in the same year” does not necessarily connote in the same calendar year as most of us have thought it to be. I believe it means each of the crops he planted produced at their exact time in full measure. The lord did not allow the famine to affect the quality and quantity of his harvest and that’s the miracle. However, the process of growth for the crop was not jettisoned. They produced as at when due in full measure.

How do all these affect you and me in the 21st century? First, walking by faith is not a substitute for hard work and toiling under harsh weather (in this case, economic) conditions. However it is the guaranteed assurance that the famine in the land will not affect the quality and quantity of your results. It also suggests that faith needs patience to produce. We have to be patient with the process of growth. Anything that will last takes time to build.

Think about this: if the phrase “in the same year” means calendar year, and Isaac sowed cocoa seed on December 3rd then he must have harvested cocoa fruit before December 31st.

God empowers us to work miracles and not perform magic.

Lastly, I must not forget to let you know that all these happened to Isaac because God told him to stay in the land for a while and that he will bless him there. What has God told you to do? Where has he told you to stay or go to? Just obey and enjoy the blessing.

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