Change or Chains

One of the most difficult things for us to manage as human beings is change. Ironically, it is the only permanent thing in life. People, places, events and things keep changing. Change is constant and the earlier we embrace it, the better for us. As humans, change is difficult because we naturally like predictability and conformity to an existing pattern. We like to do what we do how we do it because the more we do it, the lesser the effort required and we all like to tow the path of least resistance.
However, we need to manage the constant fact of life called change. For euphemism sake, it is either we change or we are in chains. We need to manage change in every area of our lives. Firstly, in our minds; many people will not experience the result they desire because they refuse to change their thinking and thought pattern. What do I mean? Over the years, there are thoughts and thinking patterns both good and not so good. These are acquired based on our background, past experience(s), society, prevailing culture and sometimes, economic conditions. Block upon block, they have become strongholds that either fortifies us or traps us in. Any mindset that is not in keeping with what you truly desire has to be changed. It is however interesting that these thinking patterns affect what we truly desire. The truth is that our mindset i.e. our thoughts and thinking patterns are more powerful than all our spiritual activities put together. Jesus said ‘you have made the word of God of null effect by your traditions or culture or mindset or way of life’. We all need to pay attention to how we think and perceive issues because most times, that’s where we need to change. In my coming book ‘change your thinking, change your life’, I share practical insights on how to engage our minds in order to get God’s best for us.
I like the advice Paul gave in Romans 12: 2a -‘Don’t copy the behaviour and custom of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think’. God does not necessarily change what we think because our desires is the way He lures us into fulfilling His purpose for our lives. Rather, He loves to change how we think –the way we think.
It is high time we create the mental capacity to handle what we expect God to do for us. You can be a spiritual guru and be mentally incapacitated. Upgrading our minds is our responsibility, not God’s. Do you have the mental wherewithal to handle God’s blessing(s)? It is only what our minds accommodate that finds its way into our lives. A good way to achieve this change is to become intentional in exposing our minds both qualitatively and quantitatively to our ideal, knowing that the mind is like rubber. When stretched, it can never return to its original position. This is what I mean by ‘it is either you change or remain in chains’.

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