Boy meets girl part 3


16In the last 2 articles on boy meets girl, I discussed briefly on the art of being responsible as a single person in order to have a healthy harmonious marriage. In the process, I have touched on the practice of being patient with oneself in your quest for personal growth and development. Today, I want us to still look at the art of being responsible but from a totally different perspective.

You will agree with me that life is spiritual. Spiritual in the sense that there is an unseen realm which controls the seen realm. Simply put, the spiritual controls the physical. As a result, we cannot afford to make decisions solely by our physical senses. Moreover, if there is any decision we need a spiritual guide for, it is the decision on whom to spend the rest of our lives with. This is because our minds give us guidance based on the present and the past but our spirits give us guidance based on the future; on the plans of God for our lives. We cannot afford to approach the boyfriend – girlfriend ‘thingy’ casually based on what the media has portrayed to us in the 21st century. Please note that God still guides people in the choice of who to get married to. However, we cannot ‘use’ God when it comes to the area of making the choice of a life partner and abandon Him in every other area of our lives. The truth is if you must hear from God in the boyfriend-girlfriend thingy, then you must have practiced the art of being led by Him in other minute areas of life. 1Many times, the laziness on our part in learning to follow God’s leading is the reason we resort to visiting seers and prophets when we need to make such choices. We prefer to travel the path of least resistance by depending on other people’s so called relationship with God. However, this is not God’s ultimate will. Please remember that Apostle Paul said that no man knows the things that belong to another man except the spirit of the man residing in him. The truth is that you have to believe the leadership of your spirit more than you believe any other person. However, this will be extremely difficult if you have not learnt to listen and follow the guidance from within.

My advice is that you start practicing how to hear and follow that deep-seated feeling oBliss_r perception inside you over every matter of your life. That initial or first response of your heart towards a matter before logic came in is most likely the will of God over the matter. Some people call it your gut feeling. As you listen to and follow such inner perception in your everyday choices and decisions, a pattern is gradually established. Such patterns come in handy at point where choosing between options becomes a bit trickier. One of such points is in the boyfriend-girlfriend ‘movie’.

Listening to and following your heart is an art that you can get better at and a skill that can be developed just like any other skill – the choice of yours. It is a vital part of practicing to be responsible because you will always need it in life especially as a husband, father, wife or mother.

I think our boyfriend-girlfriend ‘movie’ script is coming up well. Next week, I will take the script further with you but before then, feel free to express your opinions in the comment box below.  


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