Are you M.A.D.?

I don’t mean to insult but I need to ask you whether you are M.A.D. I actually mean to ask if you are Making A Difference in your world. This question is important because we all have a tendency to be carried away with the everyday grind of daily living. The race and battle for survival has exceeded the drive for meaning and significance. We are always torn between making meaning in the long run and just getting by the immediate. We are so used to going to work everyday that we hardly ever stop to ask ourselves whether it is really worth it.

The truth is that, it isn’t any fault of ours because the bills are waiting to be paid. Unfortunately, the bills always refuse to be totally settled one way or the other. Thereby keeping us permanently hooked to jobs and routines. We spend a good part of our lives paying bills with the hope of a breakthrough someday. This has become the order in the 21st century.

However, I have discovered that life and living is more than trying to make money and paying bills. We were actually created to make a difference in the world. We are creatively wired by God to solve the problems in the world. But we can’t start this process if we don’t first imbibe it into our consciousness that we are difference-makers. It all starts with our thinking. Whoever and whatever you think about is what you will eventually become. I encourage you to stop in your tracks and ask yourself whether you are making a difference in your world starting with the people around you.

How do you make others feel around you? Do people leave you encouraged and motivated? Do you take your time to see how you could solve a nagging problem in your community? Are you there for your children? What about your loved ones? Are you a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble? Or are you so selfishly engrossed with your troubles? Making a difference starts with you knowing that the world does not only rotate around you and your needs.

When we start living our lives like this, we experience true inner peace and freedom. When you start pursuing the dream of making the world a better place and the people around you better people then you can claim to be truly living and not merely existing. I think it will be too late to find out at the other side of eternity that all our material possessions don’t matter. What will count is how much difference we made in the lives of the everyday people around us.

How then do we make a difference in the lives of the people around us?

1.       Imbibe it in our consciousness that we are created to make a difference

2.       Pray for them because people have needs only God can meet. It is said that the highest expression of love is in intercession and Jesus proved this.

3.       Go out of your way to give. Give time, counsel, money etc. and share your resources.

4.       Don’t demand to reap from where you have sown. God is the one that gives your seed a body that pleases him

5.       Keep on living

Now go M.A.D.!

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