Are men losing out in the battle of the sexes?

If someone had come to you some years back to say you can decide to change your gender, it could have passed for another fabulous story, right? Well, with advancement in science and the never-say-never spirit of the human race to do the impossible, this has become possible. Now, you can practically pick a gender off the shelf and get fixed through a gender re-engineering surgery. This process has produced the Caitlyn Jenners of this world who have surprisingly come out of obscurity to attain celebrity status.

 I sat down one day and asked myself; why would a man wake up one beautiful morning and decide he wants to become a woman? Or am I the only man that feels we are gradually losing the battle of sexes to the female gender? Just to be sure I’m not being unnecessarily paranoid, there are many reasons I would love to remain a MAN even if I get an all-expense paid gender swap surgery. I can’t possibly state all of it in this post.imagesK6HQZMC5

 Without any intention of sounding masochist, I would like to retain the simplicity and ease of being a man. I would like to spend just two minutes in the bathroom, two minutes dressing up and one minute checking myself out in the mirror before going out. It’s not that simple for a typical woman, five minutes just can never be enough. She has to apply all the ‘applyables’ and remove all the ‘removables’ before going anywhere, even if they are just going to the next street to buy bubble gum.

 Though according to statistics, there are more women than men in terms of population, this latest trend of transgender is threatening to change the world gender equation. From the look of things, more men are beginning to surgically change to women and the numbers are gradually changing in their favor. I am raising this alarm because I don’t want to wake up one day to find out I’m the only man around. That means I’d have to do all the hard work that men are supposed to do alone. Hian, God forbid!

 Let us come together to win this battle of sexes before things get out of hand or maybe we need to start running TV/radio adverts to state why men need to remain as men.

I will give more reasons to remain a man in subsequent articles. However, please feel free to give your reasons in the comment section below. Cheers

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