Are men losing out in the battle of the sexes? part 2

Distinguished men folks, I write to encourage you to remain faithful to our gender as there are many benefits we enjoy but often take for granted. Remember, you might not fully appreciate the value of a thing until it is lost.

Last week, I promised to return with more reasons why it pays to be a man, and as a MAN of my words, I’m back with more.

  1. Language favors men.

The list of phrases and words in English language that have an element of the male gender in them are almost inexhaustible. Phrases like ‘man of the match’ or ‘man of my words’ and words like ‘malefactor’ are good examples. In fact, some of these words are used to describe things that concern women, e.g menstruation and menopause.

  1. Men can pee anywhere although I don’t personally subscribe to this.

Like one writer rightly observed, the entire universe is like one giant restroom for men. This gives us the freedom to express our urinary urge wherever and whenever it comes. It could be in the park, on the streets, at the back of the car, just name it. The same is not true for women though because they are more selective and their anatomy does not even encourage such.

  1. No pause for men.imagesK6HQZMC5

As a man, you are not subjected to the horrors of MENstruation, child birth or even MENopause. Men can decide to remain sexually active for the rest of their active lives. In fact, at the time women reach menopause, men feel more rejuvenated and motivated to do more. For MEN, there’s NO PAUSE!

  1. Better a bachelor than a spinster

In the world that we live in, it is not a big deal to be unmarried as a 40-year old man, but when you’re clock the same age as a woman and you’re still unmarried, something is terribly wrong and society will begin to ask questions. In our own part of the world, friends and family members will even believe the woman is suffering from some sort of spiritual affliction.

  1. You can go ‘topless’ and raise no alarm.

As fashion continues to evolve and clothing items are getting smaller and scantier by the day, men have absolutely no problem with that. Though a man could be could pass for a psychiatric patient if he attends an occasion without his shirts on, he can safely go to some distances without getting any attention or raising the alarm. On the other hand, a scantily dressed girl cannot pass by unnoticed. And when a woman decides to go topless, multiple accidents are bound to happen on the road!

So my fellow men, let’s us continue to encourage and exhort ourselves with the advantages stated above and many more not stated, lest we lose the battle of sexes. Although, scientists can artificially inseminate a woman to bear children, the official and best way to multiply is through a man’s knowledge of a woman. We are born leaders and must preserve our kind.

I wish you all goodluck!

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