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Inspiredmen is a group of men bounded by common interests, challenges, struggles, victories etc. We are committed to a life of strong faith, a healthy family, excellent financial strength, physical and mental fitness the fun way.

We believe men are the least catered for. Yet on them lies the heaviest demand for constant performance in their faith, family and finances. They are expected to remain physically and mentally fit even if they are not having fun doing it. The lives of many men have been plagued with obligations and responsibilities without the provision for occasional opportunities for them to enjoy life. Little wonder they crack and buckle in their mid-life as no provision has been made for their souls to be ventilated.

The inspiredmen vision is to reach such men whose silent screams cannot be heard even by the woman so close to them that they refer to as wife. We believe that only a soul who has gone through such silent screams and has successfully been heard either by acts of divine providence or by conscious effort on the path of another man like him in providing mentorship which he was humble enough to receive.

As a group, we seek to provide a forum where men are personally and remotely mentored in order for them to become all that God had ordained them to become. Every man carries the seed of greatness we love to help water, weed, manure and harvest for the next planting season.

We believe strongly in the family unit. A man is as successful as the immediate family he heads. In a generation where family values and importance is being eroded and materialism is invading our territories, we seek to raise a group of men in their millions who will gather up the fragments of the traditional family values and use as building blocks for the incoming generation starting with their immediate families.

Whatever we set out to do as inspiredmen always carries fun along side with it. We propagate the gospel that carries real fun alongside. Fun that is devoid of drugs, alcohol and women only comes with the divine peace and not by attempting to suppress inner struggles.

We believe that life was engineered to be enjoyed and men are no exception to the heartfelt feelings that comes from healthy relationships. We provide a mentor-protégé platform to ensure younger men do not wait to learn by their own experience. Yet the uniqueness of their divine destiny is never undermined neither are they tutored to be the mirror image of another.

We believe that when a man is built, a family is built. When a family is built, a community is built and when a community is built, a nation is built.

All these we do because we love our women and also welcome them onboard this journey with us.

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