3 classic ways to show her off without crossing moral lines


There’s nothing else in this world that makes a woman feel loved as much as showing off and being showed off by the man they love. The only other thing that could rival this is probably a box of chocolates! It’s just the way they are wired and failure to show your woman off might lead to the sudden death of all those beautiful butterflies dancing around in her belly. We don’t want that to happen, do we?

Two essential elements that make any relationship last are value and respect, and those are the exact signals your woman gets when you show her off. It’s called PDA, an acronym for Public Display of Affection. So we can safely conclude that PDAs can guarantee the health, safety and longevity of our relationships whilst adding great fun to the mix.

Though men also appreciate the “show off” it is traditionally a woman-thing and since this is a gathering of men, let’s focus on the best ways to PDA your better halves. After all, most believe that affection lasts longer than passion. According to a book I once read, “The passion in most relationships lasts around three years, but affection can last a lifetime. It allows couples to show they still care for each other after the initial surge has gone.”

In every facet of our lifestyle, trends come and they go. I can’t forget the day my dad took me down memory lane in fashion by showing me one of his ‘heyday’ pictures where he wore skinny pants and donned a mighty bob of afro on his head. Interestingly, the picture was taken the same day my mum said “Yes” and agreed to be his wife. He made me understand that there is no fashion trend we have now that they did not wear back in the days.


The world of PDA has evolved over the years, but there are 3 sure-fire forms that worked in the days of old, are still working now and will most likely continue to work till the end of days. As inspired and morally sound men, we must be careful not to go wrong when doing the right. Out of all the various PDA techniques that exist, these three can be done without attracting negative attention and crossing moral boundaries.

  1. Holding HandsimagesRRJKZCS0

Depending on your creativity or what you fancy per time, there are different techniques for holding hands. It could be interlocking with a thumb rub, the sweat-friendly pinky-link or cupping palms. However you choose to do it, holding hands is a perfectly acceptable way to show that you and your girlfriend are a couple. It also helps keep you and your girlfriend is physically close to each other.

  1. Arm around The Shoulder, Around Waist12

Though this might make a major difference in height pretty obvious in a situation where the lady is taller, it is another great way to show your affections to your girlfriend without upsetting anyone around you. When you have your arm over her shoulder or around her waist, make sure you and your girlfriend are able to walk without too much trouble.

  1. Hugs1

One study found that women had lower blood pressure following a brief episode of warm contact with their partner. In as much as total strangers do not find it awkward to hug one another, hugging is something that is innocent enough for anyone to do in public.

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