You can get your groove back!

This is God’s word to you as the second half of the year approaches.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on our twitter handle @theinspiredmen “discouraged? Have you prayed? Prayer helps you get your groove back”. That was my experience. I have been through some stuff lately that it is my ability to pray that did not make me lose my mind. If you do not understand what I am saying or you feel I do not have enough faith, then keep on living. The longer we live and the more we interact with life, the more we know that one of the strongest weapons of the enemy especially the male gender, is discouragement. He seeks to make you lose heart because he knows that although he can’t stop the purpose of God in your life, he can mitigate against the effect by making you lose heart. That’s one reason the Holy Spirit is referred to as strengthener. Most times, we need more than physical strength to wade through life. We need spiritual, mental as well as emotional strength to succeed against all odds. Have you ever felt discouraged in life? Have you ever been disappointed by people, places or events? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the task ahead or the grind of daily living? Then I write to tell you that you can get your groove back. As anointed as Elijah was, he got to a point in his life where he felt discouraged. Discouragement is not cowardice or failure if you never allow it to take hold of you. In fact, it shows you are striving for something worthwhile. The apostles got to such a point in their lives, after Jesus had died and rose again, that they went back to their initial professions. It is the feeling we get when a task ahead appears daunting and we don’t have the wherewithal to match it. It’s a part of daily living. Just like every other issue we face in life, God has never left us without a way out of discouragement. He gave us a way to get our groove back. The timeless way is prayer. Jesus said men ought always to pray and not to lose heart.

Many people don’t realize that prayer essentially is not to change God or change some of the things we are praying about. It is to change us, especially our perspective. We are changed as we pray. Prayer gives us a bigger perspective. It enlarges out heart to suddenly see the issues as they truly are – very minute. Even though we have not seen a change in the situations, our hearts are strengthened to walk through them. It magnifies you and diminishes the issue(s).  This phenomenon is better experienced than explained. Suddenly, you see that what was meant for evil, God can turn it around for good. David realized this when he said that he needs to be led to a rock higher than him whenever his heart is overwhelmed.

What am I saying, in essence? Prayer is the way to get your groove back. Prayer toughens your heart to go through the challenge(s). The fire will not burn you and the waters will not submerge you. Just pray. Spend enough time in prayer until doubts are resolved and your heart is lighter. A surge of energy flows into your system that makes you feel you can take over the world. However, in order to keep this energy up, we need to keep praying. This means we should not make prayer our ON and OFF switch – it should be our lifestyle. A wise man said when prayer becomes a habit, then success becomes a lifestyle. Apostle Paul admonished us to pray without ceasing. Are you losing heart? Pray! In order not to keep losing heart, keep on praying!


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