what to do when you just don’t fit II


Many parents have ignorantly coerced their children into paths that are directly opposite the children’s true desire. We do that because we either knowingly or otherwise don’t want to go through the task of discovering who our children are and lead them in such paths – simply put, we travel the path of least resistance. We want to determine the course in life instead of discovering what has been written concerning them using visible and non-visible indicators. Unfortunately, we tag such kids as rebels whereas they want to be guided to follow the passion in their hearts.

So what do you do when you just don’t fit? Pop out and stay out until you see or discover where you fit. Your uniqueness is a gift from God to you and I want you to treasure it as such. Don’t try to copy another person’s pattern in ministry, in career, or in business. Discover your pattern and stay with it no matter how odd or absurd it seems.

In conclusion, never allow anyone make you feel bad about your uniqueness and always celebrate the uniqueness in others. If you hang around relationships that are robbing you of your uniqueness, quit because you just might be casting your pearls before swine. They might devour you after messing you up. Remember, apostle Paul said that no man knows the things that belong to another except the spirit of the man.

May God’s grace be multiplied unto you.


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