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The family is the smallest unit an individual can belong to. In the typical sense, it comprises a man, his wife; a woman and their children. It represents the only decision God made on one’s behalf without passing it through any human channel or logic. As such, it must be very important to God and He being a perfect God, would never make a mistake with it. It is one thing man was never given the right to exercise his power of choice. It stands to reason that man must see beyond his nose in order to be able to fully maximize the purpose for which he came into the earth through his family.

Many have wondered and secretly desired to have been born into another family because it always appears greener on the other side. The family you came through is the best you could have come through. The earlier you quit whining over the spoon you were born with, the better. People who were born with no spoon have grown to have enough silver spoons to birth their children with and also give others. Where you were born, the circumstances surrounding your birth, when you were born and who birthed you are all pieces of the puzzle to help you fulfill purpose and live a wholesome life.

God believes so much in the family unit. The family unit is a place He expresses His trust in a man and a woman to take care of His peak of creation – Man. Yes! God gives a man and woman children as evidence that He trusts them. Unfortunately, what we have had thus far are obvious cases of man disappointing the God that had reposed so much confidence in them. Man, in a bid to survive and gratify his personal desires, leave the children unattended to. As a result, they give the devil a foothold in the family unit. If there is one thing I know about the devil, he is an opportunist. He capitalizes on the negligence of the man and woman. We treat family with so much contempt and he likes it. He likes it because our failure in the family front is an opportunity for him to introduce all forms of vices into the world. He attacks our families by allowing us to be very busy to honor God and our commitment to the family. We have to see the family unit as sacred as God does. This should reflect in our everyday lives and decision making. Whatever decision we have to make, the family should take priority.untitled--

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