solving the identity crisis


Who am I? Why on earth am I here? If God really exists why are all these things happening to me? As simple as some questions sound, their answers aren’t easy. In fact, some question can take a lifetime to answer. An old lady once said “it has taken me all my life to find out how to be a good mother to my children”. This is because not all questions can be answered with a yes or a no. In a generation of quick-fixes which we are in, one thing we have not successfully found a quick-fix to is the issue of personal identity. Men and women of every age and stage, race and grace have tried to solve this riddle of self-identity from generation to generation. However, it seems as we try to make the two ends meet, the farther apart they grow. Formulas and principles of self discovery have not consistently answered the questions in the heart of men and women. It means therefore, the answers transcend using principles and formulas. How then can the problem of identity be solved especially in our generation where even fathers have not successfully defined themselves let alone the children?  In my quest for answers, I stumbled across a verse in the bible that says “no man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man”. I thought about it deeply and reasoned that the real me, which is my spirit, can actually define who I truly am and what I possess. In a way the verse means, “no one can tell another who he is or what to do with his life”. Rather it is the man who should look inwards and follow the leadership of his heart. He must however take certain steps to make his heart a safe place/guide because the heart could have been corrupted by past experiences both good and bad, family background, economic realities and even the society at large. A wise man once said “the proof that you are on the right path is not the external circumstances falling in place but the peace that transcends human understanding that you experience in your heart. This peace is your priceless possession.untitled

Still on the issue of solving the identity crisis, it is the individual that can solve the problem himself. After all, to pass an exam you must sit for the exam. However, in the magnanimity of the examiner (which in our case is God) he has left us clues in various corners of the examination hall to help us in solving the problem of identity crisis. A list of some of the clues is:

  1. If economic survival was not an issue, what will you be doing with your life?
  2. What are your deep-seated desires before life happened to you?
  3. In your moments of fantasy, what do you see yourself become?
  4. In an ideal world, describe your day in a few words.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Clues are meant to make you respond to the sixth sense – intuition. Clues don’t give you answers. Rather, they make you respond to the instinct in you based on your body of knowledge. The body of knowledge in you is the things only your spirit knows. The clues are just to bring to pass eureka moment where you can truly say “Eureka! I found it”

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