solving the identity crisis part 2



‘The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are and the greater challenge is being happy with what you found’ – Anonymous.

Every manufacturer produces a product with intent; he wants the product to fulfill a particular purpose. No sane manufacturer sets up a production line without first ascertaining that there is a market that needs the product. He does not produce because it feels good to do so. He produces for a market to consume. His true satisfaction, joy and fulfillment will only come when the market takes the product and uses it for that which he so desires. Anytime he sees the product being used abnormally, he feels shortchanged and disappointed.

In this case, God is the manufacturer, we are the products, and the market is the earth we live in. God had a purpose in mind when he created you. That purpose is not meant to be determined but to be discovered. Every product comes with a manual so that the user can maximize the functionality of the product and reduce the chances of trial and error on the part of the user. In the same vein, God gave us a manual to

  1. Maximize the functionalities of our lives
  2. Reduce and ultimately eliminate trial and error in our lives.

That manual, I believe, is the bible.

A few more clues are listed below to help solve the problem of identity crisis

  1. If you knew what you know now at birth, what will you be doing?
  2. What will you be doing if money is not an issue or factor to be considered in daily living?
  3. List a maximum of five things you will be doing if making a living is not important.
  4. Which three in (c) above are non-negotiable for you?
  5. Which one in (d) above do you find or catch yourself doing everyday either in your mind or evidentially?
  6. What can you do without?untitled--

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