Rest or be laid be rest.



Death is the last thing in the mind of young people and even the middle aged. However, every day we live is one day closer to the ultimate experience of man. Our daily actions and inactions determine how fast we receive the visitor. Jesus said that nobody can, by worry, add to his or her life. He however did not say we cannot reduce from the life. The choice is ours. In our generation of quick-fixes, we believe everything can be found in a jiffy. Motivational speakers and even preachers teach us things like; 5 ways to be successful and rich, 3 ways to get the spouse of your dreams and lots more. The internet is replete with videos, articles and such on how to lose weight in a few days by taking this and that. We often forget that we have to learn that time is of great essence in achieving anything meaningful in life. From making money to marrying right to losing weight, time is an important currency we must spend. Thankfully, all men have been given equal amount of time.

Whenever we seek to achieve goals faster than we ought, we often break the law of Sabbath which is the law of rest. As young people, we often don’t see a reason to rest because of our quest to achieve. We often forget that time well spent to rest and improve the quality of our lives make us more productive and ultimately fulfilled. Taking time to rest is a must, if we must live healthy lives. Even God in His omnipotence took a day to rest after creating the entire world. The question is “who are you not to take time to rest?” A lot of us feel that taking time to rest is a sign of indolence and we feel guilty anytime we think rest. This ought not to be. Please note that sleeping at night is not synonymous with the kind of rest I am talking about. We sometimes mistake sleeping for resting. They are identical but different.  When your body is sleeping but your mind is still at work, you cannot claim to be resting.  Resting is holistic; it involves both the mind and the body. Taking time to rest involves a total change of environment with a total disconnection from the present one for a season. It is a time when you are not fiddling with your phone, the internet and the social media space. Many people cannot imagine staying without internet and the social media buzz for even a day. It is amazing we were living before all those things came into our world. This kind of rest is best done by taking walks around nature without the aid of technology or gadgets. I have personally experienced this and I could tell the fresh burst of energy I returned with. In our generation where we are stressed both mentally and physically, this kind of rest is becoming less a luxury and more of a necessity if we must live happier, healthier and longer lives. Failure to do so will make our loved ones commit us to mother earth way sooner than they should.

Make a commitment that:

  1. You will prioritize your health above every other thing
  2. You will take such rest at least once a year
  3. You will establish it as a family tradition.

It is this time that you have to commune with your true self and give undivided attention to your immediate family. It will also help you in your relationship with God. Take the time to rest so you won’t be laid to rest.

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