Finding Yourself In A Lost World

According to research, one of the toughest challenges every man faces is finding out what he has been uniquely created for.

In this first episode of The Inspired Men Network, a new YouTube channel launched by The Inspired Men, you will learn more about yourself in less than 10 minutes than you have your entire life.

The host Olamibode Kolawole explains the importance of finding yourself, what it means for life to ‘happen’, how to declutter your responsibilities till you identify the fundamentals and practical steps to answering the life-defining question: “Who am I?”.

Olamibode Kolawole, a seasoned life coach and business strategist, is the lead writer and speaker at The Inspired Men, a male-targeted online network where men are both personally and remotely mentored to reach their full potential.

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Watch and get inspired.

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