can God trust you with troubles?


God is good and His plans for our lives are perfect. His thoughts toward us are those of good and never of evil. These are some of the promises of the bible that we are taught to believe. However, what do you do when those plans of God seem to bring you into troubles? What do you do when all hell breaks loose around you and God appears to have gone on break concerning you? I believe God does not just deliver FROM trouble, He delivers IN trouble. Therefore, having troubles around does not connote the absence of His presence in our lives. Unconsciously we have trained ourselves to believe that things are going to be rosy because we have given our hearts to Jesus. But this is far from the truth. The reality is that troubles come to everyone in spite of age, gender, race, nationality, etc. However, it is our perspective and ultimate weapon of war that differs. What we do with the trouble and how we see the trouble determines whether we are promoted to the next level or not. Hence, the question – can God trust you with troubles?

Many believers endeavor to use prayer only to keep trouble at bay. If we do, how then do we prove God as an ever present help in time of need? How do we prove Him right when He said He will be with us in fire and through the waters? Prayer is not just to keep troubles at bay. It is also to strengthen us to go through it. This is because our character develops as we go through troubles. There are heights we can’t reach except we go through certain troubles and oftentimes, we access certain levels of revelation thereafter. What you can survive is determined by what you have been through. I have seen prayer strengthen my heart to go through difficult situations more than delivering me from them and I have evidently become a better person; more mature and balanced. The pains of the growth process are alleviated as you commit yourself to prayer.  When you approach God in prayers with this mindset, you tell Him He can trust you with troubles.

Apostle Paul calls them light afflictions that work in us a far more exceeding weight of glory. He is simply saying that glory has weight only those who have been tested can carry. The good news is also that the light afflictions are for a moment. They won’t last forever because they came to pass. The onus is on us to maximize them while they last. Troubles are proofs that God trusts us but needs us to grow and develop in certain areas. After all, He will not allow us to be tempted above what we are able to handle. That means, if it came to you, you can handle it. Once we understand this, we can always tell the devil to bring it on knowing that if God allowed it, it is for our promotion. If you are ready to move to the next level in life, career, business, relationship and ministry, then answer for yourself- can God trust you with troubles?   

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