Are you really going to church?

This is the question I have been asking a lot of my friends lately. What do I mean when I ask “ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO CHURCH?” I mean do you have a defined purpose for going to church? It’s rather unfortunate that many folks don’t really have a purpose or a reason why they attend church service.

Let’s break it down a bit – your parents would always take you to church because they say you are a Christian and Christians must go to church always to worship God. So you grew up with the ideology that every Sunday we are suppose to put on that special attire or perhaps for the guys a blazing suit and then head straight to church. We sit in church for some hours and return home.

Let me ask you – can you remember the topic of the last sermon that was preached last Sunday ‎? I got you. I guess you are trying to go back to your notepad where you wrote it down. If you can’t remember then my question is ‘are you really going to church?’ It is surprising that many folks don’t really pay good attention when the sermon is going on. I once sat beside someone who was busy counting the flowers placed on the stage while the sermon was going on. I had to tap the young man to redirect his focus to the sermon.

Here is my point – if after one year, which I think is too long to decide, you are not getting inspired and experiencing growth then I think it’s time you consider porting to another church or perhaps pay a visit to another church to discover what you are missing out.

You should be very concerned when you have been attending a church for years and your spiritual growth level ‎is still near zero. The kind of messages and sermons we listen to invariably determines the outcome of our lives whether we like it or not. We are built by the kind of information that we receive. The more spiritual knowledge we gain from the word of God, the easier life becomes for us. As a result, you should develop a deeper sense of purpose each time you prepare to go to church. The following will help you:

  1. Prepare early for church

Here it’s important to arrive to church early because most of the preparatory prayers, worship and praise are positioned to gear your mind and spiritual antenna to receive a clear guide, direction, and understanding when the sermons is preached. Always try to be early even if you would have to wake your spouse much earlier to help prepare the kids and understand that ladies take some extra time in putting on that beautiful dress and of course, the makeup.

  1. Notepad and Bible

Personally, my ipad serves as both. You may need to have that application installed. Having your notepad and Bible would direct you in having a complete focus and also a prepared mind during the sermon. While you are listening, new thoughts can pop up and then you can put it down in writing. It is important that you go through your notepad when you get home or perhaps during your quiet time.

To be continued

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